Feng Shui is a concept that has gained immense popularity in the modern days. The techniques of Feng Shui are applied in all the nooks and crannies of the building and some time even in the surrounding area of the building. However, kitchen is the space where proper application of Feng Shui is the most critical.

Kitchen is the place where food is prepared and it is food that provides us with energy. Therefore, the kitchen has a crucial place in the philosophy of balancing Yin and Yang. Proper implementation of Feng Shui in kitchen has certain advantages of clearing clutter, better housekeeping services, better nutrition, lesser repair etc.

There are two distinct methodologies of applying Feng Shui in kitchen.

  1. Before the kitchen is constructed: If you are just constructing your kitchen, then you can integrate all the aspects of Feng Shui, especially the ones relating to direction.
  2. After the kitchen is constructed: There is a lot of Feng Shui techniques for kitchen that are not just direction related, such as maintenance of cleanliness etc. There are even easy remedies that are to be implemented to correct wrong Feng Shui directions.

Here are a few things that would help you harness the powers of Feng Shui within your own kitchen, with little effort.

Feng Shui Tips for Kitchen:

  1. Good Housekeeping: Maintaining a neat and clean home is actually a huge part of Feng Shui. In order to harness the positive energy and the right vibes for your kitchen, it would be necessary for the kitchen to be spotless and clean, as much as possible. A dirty kitchen can interfere with your work habits, the health conditions and also the nourishing nature of the kitchen. This is not the kind of energy one would want. In fact, negative energy in the kitchen doesn't only reduce a person's chances of making good food; it can also suck their energy and make them less active.
  2. A clean stove: Maintaining a clean stove is an important concept of kitchen Feng Shui. In fact, an unclean stove or an unused stove is interpreted as unused resources or technology, which is a bad thing.
  3. Rotate the burners used: One should not use the same burner for cooking all the time. It does not matter if one does not cook so much that they seldom use all the four burners. No matter how little they use, they have to make sure that they keep changing the burners they use, so that all the resources are utilized completely.
  4. Hang a mirror: As we said, sometimes, the kitchen is already constructed and one has to find some Feng Shui measures that would help a person to just get the Feng Shui kitchen they want, without having to spend too much. To this extent, if your stove is placed in such a way that you have to face the wall while cooking, make sure that you hang a mirror in the kitchen. This way, you can see what is behind you when you cook.
  5. Other uses of a mirror: Hanging a mirror can help upgrade the Feng Shui of a kitchen. By hanging a mirror, one can make sure that the visual nature of the burners is doubled. This can symbolize double prosperity, double health and better life, on the whole.
  6. Placement of the sink and the stove: One should keep in mind that the stove stands for the element of fire, and the sink stands for water. The harmony between these two is important while establishing a Feng Shui kitchen. As a result of this, one should figure out where they are putting the sink, in relation to the stove. If they are opposite to one other, there will be higher chances of conflicts and changes arising within the family. If this is the case, then one can battle this problem by putting any ingredient or object that is green in between the stove and the sink. In fact, even if the sink and stove are on the same side, place something green between them to increase prosperity and reduce any problems that might arise.
  7. Symbols around the stove: The stove represents fire and wealth. Hence, it is important to provide the stove with a lot of priority and respect within a Feng Shui kitchen. Keeping some plants (symbolizing the wood that feeds the fire) would be a good way of garnering the strength of the stove. Another good idea would be to keep something green around the area of the stove.
  8. Flowers and plants: Feng Shui for kitchen would involve some amount of flowers and plants as well. Living beings are considered to bring prosperity, so it would be wise for a person to keep some flowers, or a bowl of fruit in the kitchen. Kitchen Feng Shui can also be practiced by keeping living plants near the stove's area or the dining area.
    If one does not want to follow the Feng Shui tips for kitchen and get some real flowers, they can just get plastic flowers. That would also be beneficial, but it will not do as much to enhance the life source or energy within the kitchen.
  9. Follow the Number 9 and oranges rule: Number 9 is a lucky number in Feng Shui. Oranges are used in this tradition, to symbolize good luck and good energy. In order to harness the maximum good luck possible, one would need to place nine of the biggest and the most perfect oranges in a basket and leave it on the stove itself.

Feng Shui for kitchen has special importance because it is the source of all nutrition and energy.