Flying star is a discipline of Feng Shui which deals with the analysis of stars and its influence on buildings. Good stars, the ones which bring luck, wealth and fame, and the bad stars, which bring misfortunes, ill health and bad luck are analyzed by creating charts. Flying Star changes position with time, turning auspicious positions into inauspicious positions and vice versa. Therefore analyses of the feng shui flying stars help to take remedial measures to enhance the effect of good stars and also control the damage caused by bad stars.

Feng Shui Flying Star
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Your home's front door position Compass degrees (24 mountains)

Feng Shui Flying stars can be timely or Untimely. Timely stars are positive for a building whereas, untimely stars are negative. Timely Star is the star with the same number as the period for which Feng Shui Flying Star is calculated. The current period is 8; therefore the star number 8 is very fortunate during this period.

Feng Shui Flying Star Chart for 2004 - 2023

Given below is the feng shui flying star chart showing the base star position for any building constructed between the year 2004 - 2023. The sitting star and the facing star chart based on the position of the front door of the house or building can be generated using the flying star calculator given above.

7 3 5
6 8 1
2 4 9

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