Kua numbers are associated with four auspicious and four inauspicious directions. It also provides suggestions as to how to increase the positive energy and prevent the bad effects of the negative directions.

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Auspicious directions for Kua Number 2

Sheng Chi • Direction for Prosperity

This auspicious direction brings in wealth and success.

Direction - Northeast

  1. Face this direction while performing important activities.
  2. Display pictures of carp fish in this direction as it signifies wealth.
  3. Sleep with the head pointing this direction.
  4. There should be no clutter.
  5. Main door of the house should face this direction.

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Tien Yi • Direction for Health

This auspicious direction is meant for good health.

Direction - West

  1. For protection against ailments place a pair of Ki-lin’s in this direction.
  2. Precious Gourds symbolize good health and long life. Hang these in the west corner.
  3. Sleep facing this direction. It is better if the bedroom is placed in the west corner of the house.

Nien Yen • Direction for Romantic life

This auspicious direction strengthens bonds be it professional or personal.

Direction - Northwest

  1. Place a pair of Mandarin duck in this corner.
  2. Place tortoise in this direction. It symbolizes healthy relationship.
  3. A pair of Rose quartz hearts can be placed in the northwest direction of the bedroom.

Fu Wei • Direction for Personal Growth

This auspicious direction brings in good luck and personal development.

Direction - Southwest

  1. Place Statues of Elephant for personal growth.
  2. Money Turtle symbolizes stability and thus should be placed in this direction.
  3. If there is any corner in this direction of the house sit there to meditate.
  4. Place a crystal globe in this direction and spin it to activate personal growth.
  5. Place a picture of carp fishes preferably 9 of them to stimulate wealth.

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Kua Number 2 Inauspicious directions • Neutralizing their effect

Ho Hai • Direction bringing Bad luck

This inauspicious direction leads to failure and struggle. Negative energy brings in bad luck and hindrances.

Direction - East

  1. Display pictures of mountains in this area.
  2. Do not face this direction while working.
  3. Do not place any water feature in this direction.

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Wu Gui • Direction of Five Ghosts

This inauspicious direction causes miscommunication and deceit with its negative energy.

Direction - Southeast

  1. Earth elements such as porcelain vases should be placed in this direction.
  2. Place Kuan Kung and the Four Heavenly Kings. These protect from evil or fraudulent people.

Liu Sha • Direction of Six Killings

This inauspicious direction causes physical harm like accidents or surgeries with its negative energy. Legal problems such as lawsuits and divorces increase.

Direction - South

  1. Do not sleep with the head pointing in this direction.
  2. Do not work in this direction.
  3. Crystals should be displayed in this area.

Jueh Ming • Direction of Total Loss

It is the worst direction. This inauspicious direction causes trouble in relationships and career. It harms health and financial stability with its negative energy.

Direction - North

  1. Avoid using this direction for all activities.
  2. Do not live in a house that has its main door in this direction.
  3. Do not place any water feature in this direction.
  4. If one needs to use this direction for work, place a statue of Kuan Kung behind you.
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