Feng Shui Kua numbers gives an insight to as how the directions influence our lives. This knowledge helps one to improve the life for the better. Kua number five is split into two categories. One is for the male and the other is for the female. (Kua number 5 female)

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Auspicious directions for Kua Number 5 male

Sheng Chi • Direction of Prosperity

This auspicious direction is meant for money and success.

Direction - Northeast

  1. This area should be kept clean.
  2. Place 8 Crystal balls to enhance the effect of this direction.
  3. The main door of workplace and house should face this direction to bring in wealth.
  4. Work in this direction

Tien Yi • Direction of Health

This auspicious direction is for good health.

Direction - West

  1. Sleep with the head in this direction to improve health conditions. Therefore placing the bedroom in this area of the house will be beneficial.
  2. Place Hang Wuloo or precious gourds in this direction to enhance health conditions for the better.

Nien Yen • Direction of Romantic life

This auspicious direction helps in building up stronger bonds both professionally and personally.

Direction - Northwest

  1. Place tortoise in this direction. It symbolizes longevity and a fit life.
  2. Place Mandarin Ducks in the northwest corner of the house or bedroom.

Fu Wei • Direction of Personal growth

This auspicious direction helps in bringing good luck and prosperity.

Direction - Southwest

  1. Display any water feature like a fountain or an aquarium in this direction.
  2. Display a Dragon Turtle. It will provide stability and protection.
  3. Display a crystal globe in this direction and spin it every day.

Inauspicious directions for Kua Number 5 males

Ho Hai • Direction of Bad luck

This inauspicious direction brings in bad luck.

Direction - East

  1. Make this area a store room or kitchen.
  2. A water feature will activate this area. Therefore never place it in this direction.
  3. Do not work in this direction.

Wu Gui • Direction of Five Ghosts

This inauspicious direction causes treachery and misunderstanding with its negative energy.

Direction - Southeast

  1. Display a Kuan Kung statue in this direction. It will provide protection against treachery.
  2. Display elements of earth in this area, for example, porcelain vases and earthenware. This weakens the negative energy of this area.
  3. Do not work in this direction as it will cause loss.

Liu Sha • Direction of Six Killings

This inauspicious direction with its negative energy can cause bodily harms.

Direction - South

  1. Make a storeroom in this area if possible. Otherwise do not use this area.
  2. Never sleep in this direction as it may affect health.
  3. The main door of the workplace or main door should not face this direction.

Jueh Ming • Direction of Total Loss

This is the worst inauspicious direction. It causes harm to all the spheres of life with its negative energy.

Direction - North

  1. Do not perform any activity in this area.
  2. Do not place any water feature in this direction.
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