Knowing kua numbers help one to improve their lives and ward off all the negative energies. Let us understand the effects of various directions associated with the Kua number 6.

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Auspicious directions - how to utilize them?

Sheng Chi • Direction for Prosperity

This auspicious direction with its positive energy brings in growth in career and increases abundance.

Direction- West

  1. Place the work desk in this area to attract more wealth.
  2. The front door of the house should face this direction.
  3. Place a three-legged frog to attract more money. It should not face the main door.
  4. Images of Kuan Kung can be placed in this area.

Tien Yi • Direction for Health

This auspicious direction provides relief from illnesses

Direction - Northeast

  1. Sleep in this area of the house if there is any room.
  2. Display a crystal Lotus in this direction to improve health conditions.
  3. Place Cicada in this area.

Nien Yen • Direction for Romantic Life

The auspicious direction helps in forming strong bonds personally and also at work.

Direction - Southwest

  1. Hang a Jade Double Happiness Charm in this area or a pair of Mandarin Ducks to improve relationships.
  2. Place a crystal globe in this area and spin it.

Fu Wei • Direction for Personal Growth

This auspicious direction provides mental stability. It is also good for education.

Direction - Northwest

  1. Hang a wind chime with six metal rods from here.
  2. Display a Laughing Buddha or a Dragon turtle in this direction.

Inauspicious directions of Kua Number 6 - Neutralizing their effects

Ho Hai • Direction Bringing Bad Luck

This inauspicious direction increases struggles and brings in bad luck with its negative energy.

Direction - Southeast

  1. This area should be free from clutter.
  2. A statue of Kuan Kung should be kept in this direction.
  3. A moving clock activates the negative energy of this area thus do not place it here.

Wu Gui • Direction of Five Ghosts

This inauspicious direction causes treachery, backstabbing and misunderstanding with its negative energy.

Direction - East

  1. Do not sleep or perform any activities in this area
  2. Place a pair of Qi Lin in this area

Liu Sha • Direction of Six Killings

This inauspicious direction causes physical harm through accidents and robbery. It also spoils relationships.

Direction - North

  1. Do not place your work desk in this direction.
  2. Do not place any water feature.
  3. Place large and leafy plants in this direction.
  4. Place a pair of Pi Yao in this direction.

Jueh Ming • Direction of Total Loss

This inauspicious direction is the worst of all directions. It harms career, health, wealth and relationships.

Direction - South

  1. Do not use objects of the fire element. It activates the negative energy.
  2. Place objects made from the earth element.
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