Akshaya Navami 2023 21 November, 2023 1 month 26 days to go
Navami Tithi Timings*:

Navami Tithi Start:
03:16 AM on Nov 21

Navami Tithi End:
01:10 AM on Nov 22

Akshaya Navami Puja Muhurat: 06:48 AM - 12:12 PM
Other important timings* on 21 November, 2023
Sunrise 06:48 AM
Sunset 05:36 PM
Moonrise 01:39 PM
Moonset 01:29 AM
*Timing in IST for Ujjain, India Change Location

Akshaya Navami 2022 was on 02th November.

Akshaya Navami

Akshaya Navami is one of the important Hindu rituals that is observed on the ‘Navami’ (9th day) of the ‘Shukla Paksha’ (the bright fortnight of moon) during the month of ‘Kartik’ in the traditional Hindu calendar. This day holds same significance as the auspicious day of ‘Akshaya Tritiya’, a grand festival celebrated on the ‘Vaishakha Shukla Tritiya’. As per the Gregorian calendar, Akshaya Navami falls between the months of October-November. As the name ‘Akshaya’ implies, the rewards for performing any devotional or charitable activities on this day never diminishes and benefits the observer not only in the present life but also during his/her future births. Akshaya Navami is celebrated two days prior to ‘Dev Uthani Ekadashi’.

According to the Hindu legends, it is believed that on Akshaya Navami, the era of ‘Satyug’ started and therefore it is also referred as ‘Satya Yugadi’. This day is very favourable for doing all kind of Daan-Punya activities. Furthermore, Akshaya Navami is also celebrated in various parts of the country as ‘Amla Navami’. On this day, Amla tree is worshipped as it considered being the abode of all Gods and Goddesses. In the Indian state of West Bengal, this day is celebrated as ‘Jagaddhatri Puja’ wherein ‘Jagaddhatri’, the Goddess of Satta is worshipped with full devotion. Also on the day of Akshaya Navami, the Parikrama of Mathura-Vrindavan is considered very auspicious. Hindu devotees from all corners of the country gather on this day to earn maximum benefits.

Akshaya Navami 2023 is on November 21 Tuesday

1 month and 26 days to go for the event

Rituals during Akshaya Navami:

  • On the day of Akshaya Navami, devotees get up early and take a bath in Ganges and other Holy rivers at the time of sunrise. After the bath, elaborate pujas and rituals are performed on the banks of the river, under the guidance of a priest.
  • The place of worship is cleaned near the banks and using turmeric 30 squares are drawn. These squares are known as ‘Kotha’ and then filled with pulses, grains and food items. Following this puja takes place with Vedic mantras. This particular ritual on Akshaya Navami is performed for a rich harvest and also for incessant stock of food grains.
  • Women observe a strict fast on Akshaya Navami. They pass the day without eating a single grain of food and involve themselves in various bhajans and kirtans.
  • In some regions, people also worship ‘Amla’ (Indian Gooseberry) tree on this day. One should eat Amla fruit on this day for good health and also donate some fruits.
  • Charity is a very important event of this day. It is believed that any good deeds done on Akshaya Navami never perish. Doing secret donations on this day is also of great importance. One must donate as much possible as per their financial condition to any eligible person.

Important Timings On Akshaya Navami 2023

SunriseNovember 21, 6:48 AM
SunsetNovember 21, 5:36 PM
Navami Tithi Timing November 21, 03:16 AM - November 22, 01:10 AM
Akshaya Navami Puja Muhurat November 21, 06:48 AM - 12:12 PM
Place : Ujjain [ India ] See More

Significance of Akshaya Navami:

The day of Akshaya Navami is very significant for Hindus and celebrated with great zeal all across the country. Offering prayers on Akshaya Navami with full devotion and dedication is believed to be highly rewarding. Prayers offered on this day grants fulfilment of all the wishes and ultimately lead the person on the path of ‘moksha’ or liberation. Performing charitable activities on this day benefits the individual for lifetimes to come. Akshaya Navami is also observed as ‘Kushmanda Navami’ as according to the Hindu legends, on this day Lord Vishnu vanquished the demon named ‘Kushmanda’ and obstructed the spread of Adharma.

Akshaya Navami festival dates between 2020 & 2030

2021Friday, 12th of November
2022Wednesday, 2nd of November
2023Tuesday, 21st of November
2024Sunday, 10th of November
2025Friday, 31st of October
2026Wednesday, 18th of November
2027Sunday, 7th of November
2028Thursday, 26th of October
2029Wednesday, 14th of November
2030Sunday, 3rd of November