Annapurna Jayanti is one of the ancient and unique Hindu festivals that celebrate food. This day commemorates the birth anniversary of Goddess Annapurna, the Goddess of nourishment. Goddess Annapurna is known to be an avatar of Goddess Parvati. Annapurna Jayanti is celebrated on the ‘Purnima’ (full moon day) of the ‘Margashirsha’ month in the traditional Hindu calendar. This observance falls in the month of December as per the English calendar. On this day Hindu devotees worship Goddess Annapurna with complete devotion and dedication. The rituals of the puja are primarily observed by the women folk. Annapurna Jayanti is celebrated in different parts of the country with varied traditions and customs. in the eastern regions of India, including the state of West Bengal, Annapurna Jayanti is observed in the Hindu month of ‘Chaitra’. in most of the south Indian temples, Goddess Annapurna is worshipped on the ‘Chaturthi’ (4th day) of the auspicious Durga Navratri festival. Special rituals are held on this day in Goddess Annapurna temples in Varanasi, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh.

Annapurna Jayanti 2022 is on December 07 Wednesday

3 months and 20 days to go for the event

Rituals during Annapurna Jayanti:

  • Hindu devotees perform the puja rituals in their house. A small mandap is created and an idol of Goddess Annapurna is kept at the place of worship.
  • On the day of Annapurna Jayanti, the Goddess is worshipped with ‘Shodashopachar’. Devotees offer ‘Annabhishekam’ to Goddess Annapurna.
  • Women keep a strict fast on Annapurna Jayanti to please Goddess Annapurna and seek Her divine blessings. They do not eat or drink anything all through the day. The fast is broken at night after worshipping Goddess Annapurna.
  • Reciting ‘Annapurna Devi Ashtakam’ is considered very auspicious on this day.

Important Timings On Annapurna Jayanti

SunriseDecember 07, 2022 6:59 AM
SunsetDecember 07, 2022 5:36 PM
Purnima Tithi Begins December 07, 2022 8:01 AM
Purnima Tithi EndsDecember 08, 2022 9:38 AM
Place : Ujjain [ India ] See More

Significance of Annapurna Jayanti:

Annapurna Jayanti is an important festival of Hindus. It is dedicated to Goddess Annapurna, who is the Hindu Goddess of food and cooking. The word ‘Anna’ in Hindi signifies ‘food’ whereas ‘Purna’ implies ‘complete’. According to the Hindu legends, when food started getting over from earth, all human beings together with Lord Brahma and Vishnu prayed to Lord Shiva. Goddess Parvati then appeared as Goddess Annapurna on the ‘Purnima’ of Margashirsha’ month and replenished food on Earth. From then onwards, this day is celebrated as Annapurna Jayanti. It is also believed that Goddess Annapurna ensures that Her devotees get enough food for sustenance, especially the ones living in Kashi.

Annapurna Jayanti festival dates between 2019 & 2029

2019Wednesday, 11th of December
2020Tuesday, 29th of December
2021Saturday, 18th of December
2022Wednesday, 7th of December
2023Tuesday, 26th of December
2024Saturday, 14th of December
2025Thursday, 4th of December
2026Wednesday, 23rd of December
2027Monday, 13th of December
2028Friday, 1st of December
2029Thursday, 20th of December

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