The Thiruvadhirai Vrata is also known as the Ardra Darshana Vrata is a very famous vrata that is gloriously celebrated. This vrata is observed on the thiruvadhirai nakshaththram, the full moon day in the Tamil month of Maarkazi or Maargasira, the month of December-January as per the Gregorian calendar. The Thiruvadhirai vrata is one of the eight significant vratas dedicated to Lord Shiva. Thiruvaadhirai is also considered to be the nakshaththram of Lord Nataraj and is the longest night of the year. The word thiruvathirai in Tamil language implies a ‘sacred big wave’ that was used during the creation of the universe by Lord Shiva.

The Thiruvadhirai vrata is a part of the renowned Hindu festival called as Arudhra Darisanam or Thiruvathirai. This festival is celebrated with great pomp and show in the southern Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The Arudhra Darshan celebrates ‘Nataraj’, the cosmic dance of God Shiva. This festival is also observed with great enthusiasm in Lord Shiva temples in Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Australia, and South Africa and in some other parts of the world that has predominant Tamil speaking population.

Lord Shiva never took birth and therefore there is no nakshaththram dedicated to celebrate it. It was on the auspicious day of Thiruvaadhirai that He appeared before holy saint’s vyaagra paadha and pathanychali. It was mentioned in the Hindu mythology that once Lord Vishnu was resting on the great serpent and Adhi seesha felt that He was in some deep thinking. On asking Lord Vishnu told Adhi seesha that he was remembering the dance of Lord Shiva. This answer invoked the desire in Adhi seesha to witness this great dance. He asked Lord Vishnu how this desire could be fulfilled. Lord Vishnu then urged him to do rigorous ‘tapas’ at Chithamparam’. Adhi seesha followed his advice and devotedly prayed to Lord Shiva for a very long time. At the same there, a muni and devotee of Lord Shiva known as viyaagra paadha who lived in that same place. He worshipped to Lord Shiva to obtain the legs of a tiger in order to pluck flowers at the dawn, without being touched by the bees for offering to the God. He also observed ‘tapas’ to see His great ‘Nataraj’ dance. Finally Lord Shiva was pleased with their prayers and devotion and he showed his ‘Nataraj’ dance in Chithamparam on the day of Thiruvaadhirai. From then onwards the ‘Nataraaja’ image of Shiva is worshipped here with great fervour on this day.

Next Arudra Darshan Date in 2021 : December 20 Monday

Thiruvathirai Nakshathra Timing : December 19, 4:52 pm - December 20, 7:46 pm

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Rituals of the Thiruvadhirai Vrata:

  • On the day of Thiruvaadhirai the devotees get up very early in the morning and salute this image of Dancing Lord. After taking bath and finishing the daily rituals, the devotees then visit the abode of God Shiva.
  • They make several offerings to the Lord and perform ‘abhishekam’ a ritual of giving bath with milk and curd. The devotees must also witness the holy anointing ceremony of Lord Nataraj. It is a ritual to light up this abode of Lord Shiva with ghee lamps.
  • On this day a special sweet called as ‘kali’ and ‘thalakam’ a multi vegetable dish is prepared to celebrate the joy of seeing this cosmic dance of Lord Shiva. The devotees watch the complete ceremony of Nataraj’s processions with dedication.
  • On the day of Thiruvadhirai vrata the devotees must observe fasting for the whole day. They break their fast on the next day after finishing their Lord Shiva worship and morning salutations. A partake meal is then eaten with other Saivite devotees.

Important Timings On Arudra Darshan

Thiruvathirai Nakshathram Timing December 19, 4:52 PM - December 20, 7:46 PM
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The glory of the Thiruvadhirai vrata is known since the ancient times. Saint Vygrapadhar, Munychakchar and Karkotakan, a serpent observed this vrata and was consecrated with an opportunity to witness this glorified dance of Lord Nataraj. Saint Vygrapadhar also got ‘upamanyu’ as his son after observing this vrata. Also Vipular, a Brahmin performed this vratham and he went to ‘kailash’, Lord Shiva’s lok and returned back on a splendid divine carrier. After a while he too attained liberation. The Thiruvadhirai vrata honours the graceful and blissful dance of Lord Shiva and devotees observe this vrata to please the God and receive His blessings.

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December 20th
Thiruvathirai Nakshathram Timing : Dec 19, 4:52 PM - Dec 20, 7:46 PM

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