It’s once again a brand new year and we look forward to new positive turns, opportunities and good times in our life ahead.

New Year Day 2024 is on January 01 Monday

6 months and 22 days to go for the event

New Year Celebrations Image Source: Xinhua/Li Muzi/IANS

As per the Gregorian Calendar, the new year is the time when a fresh new calendar will begins its cycle.

A Festival that crosses boundaries

In most of the cultures around the world, the first of the year is marked and established as the 1st of January. In many places, this day is also officially declared as a national holiday.

People most often go to churches and other religious places of visit. They offer their prayers and thank the Almighty for the year that just passed by.

In churches, a Midnight service will be held until the wake of the day. Hymns will be sung and candles will be lit to welcome the first daylight the new year.

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When does the New Year start?

The special day celebrations starts off on New Year eve. But the real New Year Day begins shortly past midnight.

When is the New Year Around the World?

Though New year is officially celebrated on January 1st every year, many countries have their own special new year also.

Chinese New Year

In China, the new year breaks in as per the Lunar New Year and this falls the Chinese Calendar. The same is the story of Korea and Vietnam.

Babylonian New Year

Babylonian celebrations for the new year commences when the new moon is first seen after the Northward Equinox.

Indian New Year

The beauty of India lies in the fact that different states within India have different new years. 

Ugadi is the New Year for Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka

Navreh is the New Year for Jammu Kashmir

Cheti Chand for the Sindi Population

Gudi Padwa is the New Year for Maharashtra

Islamic New Year

This new year celebration takes place as per the Islamic calendar and occurs on Muharram.

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Celebrations of the New Year

Though the days may be different in various corners of the world, it means the same thing for mankind.

People celebrate and welcome the new year in the hope that they get to enjoy the simple blissful events that the world has to offer.

People exchange wishes, eatables and sweet treats to their families and neighbours. New clothes are worn and people spent time partying and enjoying with friends and families.

Plus, the huge array of beautiful fireworks can be seen across all cities around the world. It is beautiful and worth the watch!

New Year Day festival dates between 2020 & 2030

2020Wednesday, 1st of January
2021Friday, 1st of January
2022Saturday, 1st of January
2023Sunday, 1st of January
2024Monday, 1st of January
2025Wednesday, 1st of January
2026Thursday, 1st of January
2027Friday, 1st of January
2028Saturday, 1st of January
2029Monday, 1st of January
2030Tuesday, 1st of January
2031Wednesday, 1st of January