This Sunday is not like the other Sundays of the year. It is truly a special and holy day for the Christian community. It is called the Palm or sometimes even named as the Passion Sunday.

Palm Sunday 2022 was on April 10 Sunday

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The day is a religious day for all the denominations in Christianity. The main highlight of the day being the usage of the Palm Leaves. So, why is this leaf only used? 

History and Significance of Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday indicates that the last week of Lent period has begun. The week will end once Easter comes in the following Sunday.

This week is called as the Holy Week, when special prayers are held, songs are sung and people to church everyday for this one week.

When is Palm Sunday?

Palm Sunday falls seven days before Easter Sunday and few days before Good Friday.

The Coming of Jesus on Palm Sunday

As per the Scriptures, this is the day that Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem. He came on a donkey and this happened just a few days before the Crucifixion happened. 

Before entering Jerusalem, he told his disciples to bring a donkey for him to sit on and continue the journey.

People in Jerusalem were delighted to know that their Saviour was coming. So, at that time, they did not have anything the decorate the place and welcome him.

Instead they cut the palm leaves and laid on the pathway as Jesus went by. Those whi could not get palm leaves, took out their cloaks,  and spread out for the Messiah.  People welcomed Him by shouting Hossanna and they walked along with Him to hear his teachings. 

So, this is why today Palm Leaves are used for Palm Sunday.  

How is Palm Sunday observed? Rituals and Customs

People go to church, say prayers, sing hymns and bring home the blessed palm leaves after the service. Nowadays, small crosses are made out of palm leaves . This is does as a symbol of remembrance because Jesus Christ has to be crucified and severely harmed as he died on the Cross. It is believed that he dies for the sins of his people or followers. 

Processions are undertaken to represent his ordeal until he was crucified. Once people return home from the service, they either place the palm leaves in the homes or some even burn it. Then the ash is taken and used during the next year’s Ash Wednesday. 

Palm Sunday festival dates between 2019 & 2029

2019Sunday, 14th of April
2020Sunday, 5th of April
2021Sunday, 28th of March
2022Sunday, 10th of April
2023Sunday, 2nd of April
2024Sunday, 24th of March
2025Sunday, 6th of April
2026Sunday, 29th of March
2027Sunday, 21st of March
2028Sunday, 9th of April
2029Sunday, 25th of March

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