Image Source: IANS

An idol of the warrior goddess, Goddess Durga!!

 While you've all probably heard of the Goddess Durga Devi, a goddess who was not only powerful but was also considered to be wrathful, terrifying and destructive. According to Hindu mythology, she is famously known for slaying Mahishasura. So mighty was she that her legacy lives on even till this day.

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But imagine you were standing in a dark room with a life-like statue of Goddess Durga staring at you with a cold stare and a silent smile? Would you still be cool or instead keep asking yourself whether the statue just blinked???? 

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Here are a few photos of the warrior Goddess Durga idol's scary and life-like stares sculpted by the talented Indian sculptors, that can bring chills down your spine!! Take a look!!

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