The Somavara Vrata or Monday Fasting as it is known is observed in the name of Lord Shiva. The word ‘Somvar’ originates from the Sanskrit word ‘Soma’ meaning Chandra, the Hindu God of Moon. Also Lord Shiva is referred as ‘Someshvara’ as He wears the crescent shaped moon on His matted hair. The Somavara vrata is performed on Mondays to please Lord Someshvara and also get one’s wishes fulfilled. Even though this fast can be observed on any Monday, there is a mention of special Mondays in the Hindu calendar wherein doing Somavara vrata is considered to be more auspicious.The first Monday after New Moon of any month, especially the month of Phalgun (February/March). This month is known for the Shivratri festival. When no moon day or ‘Amavasi’ falls on a Monday, the day is help very propitious for observing Somavara vrata and it is called as ‘Somavati Amavas’.

The observance of Somvara vrata varies in different states of India. In Maharashtra, Gujarat and the northern states of India, the Mondays of the Hindu month of Shravan, that is from July to August, as per the Gregorian calendar, is considered chosen for fasting and is known as Shravan Somavara. In the southern Indian states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, the Mondays falling in the Hindu month of Karthik is held sacred. While in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the Mondays in the Tamil month of Karthigai (the months of November-December) is held auspicious and is observed as ‘Karthikai Somavaram’.

Next Sri Somavara Vrata Date in 2022 : May 30 Monday

Parna Time : May 31, 5:45 am

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Rituals of the Somvara Vrata:

  • The Somavara vrata starts from the sunrise on Monday. The observer of this vrata should get up at the dawn and meditate about the supreme Lord Shiva. Thereafter taking a holy bath, the devotees offer their prayers to Gracious Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The one who observes this vrata adorns a white colored dress.
  • Special puja is performed that starts by anointing the Shivling of Lord Shiva with ‘Panchamritham’ that is a sanctified mixture of honey, curd, milk, ocimum leaves and curd, along with other special substances. Devotees also offer Bhasma (Vibhuthi) and Bilva Patra to Lord Shiva as these are considered to be the favourites of the lord. Naivedya or special food offerings is also prepared and offered to appease Lord Shiva. There is also a significance of offering white flowers on the Shivling.
  • Later in the evening the Somavara vrata katha, the story narrating the vrata is read by the observer of this vrata. The devotees enchant the ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ all through the day. The observer of the Somavara vrata can fast completely or may even take a single meal after midday. Partial fast can also be observed by taking sabudana khichadi or fruits.
  • The devotees end their fast on the next day after performing the usual rituals and prayers of the morning. The prasadam is then distributed among other devotees and also offered to the poor or needy. Usually the devotees observing the Somavara vrata visit any Lord Shiva temple during morning and evening. If however, this is not possible, prayers can also be offered at their home.

Important Timings On Sri Somavara Vrata

Parna TimeMay 31, 2022 5:45 AM
Place : Ujjain [ India ] See More

The Somavara vrata is known to offer several benefits to its observers. This vrata can be observed by all. Young unmarried girls observe this vrata to get good husbands. Married couples also observe the vrata and pray the divine couple of Shiva and Parvati and ask for peaceful family life. It is said that the observer of Somavara vrata will be blessed to enjoy all the pleasures of the world and then finally attain moksh and reach Kailasam, Lord Shiva’s lok. As per the Hindu legend, God of Moon observed this vrata to acquire his moonness. Moon is also referred as ‘Soma’ and saluted Lord Shiva and prayed to Him to name this observance as the ‘Somavara vrata’. He also asked Lord Uma Maheshwara that whoever perform this sacred fast should be grated all materialistic pleasures and finally attain liberation. Lord Shiva fulfilled this boon. Sage Vashishta also performed this vratam and in return got arun thadi as his better half. A person observing the Somavara vrata will be granted the blessings of Shiva-Shakti sincerely.

All Sri Somavara Vrata dates in 2022 and Parna Time

January 3rd
Parna Time : Jan 04, 7:13 AM
February 7th
Parna Time : Feb 08, 7:07 AM
March 7th
Parna Time : Mar 08, 6:46 AM
April 4th
Parna Time : Apr 05, 6:19 AM
May 2nd
Parna Time : May 03, 5:56 AM
May 30th
Parna Time : May 31, 5:45 AM
July 4th
Parna Time : Jul 05, 5:50 AM
August 1st
Parna Time : Aug 02, 6:01 AM
August 29th
Parna Time : Aug 30, 6:12 AM
September 26th
Parna Time : Sep 27, 6:20 AM
October 31st
Parna Time : Nov 01, 6:36 AM
November 28th
Parna Time : Nov 29, 6:54 AM
December 26th
Parna Time : Dec 27, 7:10 AM

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