We all long for that love to intoxicate the air, don’t we?

Yes, naturally, if we are humans and if our eyes have reached this page- then surely we are on the search for real sincere love.

So, feel happy that you have a good soul and you are all ready to love, care, hug and kiss and make that special one – a part of your life.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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Valentines Day 2023 is on February 14 Tuesday

7 months and 12 days to go for the event

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All over the world, Valentine’s Day is declared as the day of love and romance. Every year, on the 14th of February, lovers, couples, crushes, friends and soulmates exchange gifts, flowers and kisses with their loved ones.

But all this began with a cute tradition and that was started off by a saint who was called as St. Valentine. 

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The History of Valentine’s Day

The concept of Valentine took shape by the patron saint named St. Valentine. Though people are still doubtful about his role in this, still people love to celebrate it. February is the month of love and what did the saint try to bring about in the society?

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Single is never good- History comes out with murky stories

There have two odd stories about  the saint. We are not sure which one is true, but both seem to haev their own shots of reality.

There was a time when Emperor Claudius II announced that single men should be sent to the army and  they should be soldiers. Now, there were many young men who never liked this. So, at that time- Valentine was a priest in the Catholic church and he thought of a way to help such men.

He felt it was unjust to force them into the army and instead helped men and women who were in love to get married secretly.

But, his work was short lived. The moment the Emperor found out about him, the saint was put to death.

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From your Valentine

It seems that when Valentine was confined in the jail due to the secret marriages conspiracies, he fell in love with the daughter of a jailer. During that time, he used to give her letters and they were addressed as ‘From your Valentine’.

When found, he was put to death.

But that was what set off a major style of wishing all lovers with the Valentine named attached to them.

He was regarded as one of the most heroic men who stood and died in the name of love.

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The Valentine Day Celebrations

Valentine’s Day is just not a one- day affair. The whole love festival begins with Rose Day.

If this has amused your love touch- perhaps you need to know the entire Valentine List that every lover should follow.

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Valentines Day festival dates between 2019 & 2029

2019Thursday, 14th of February
2020Friday, 14th of February
2021Sunday, 14th of February
2022Monday, 14th of February
2023Tuesday, 14th of February
2024Wednesday, 14th of February
2025Friday, 14th of February
2026Saturday, 14th of February
2027Sunday, 14th of February
2028Monday, 14th of February
2029Wednesday, 14th of February

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