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  • Be optimistic!

      Think positive today! It will be a great day. There is always a chance that your boss will get carried off by a pack of wolves.


        Great lines by K V Ramachandran Nair:

        "Change cannot be given to you every time. You must bring the change."

        Who's K V Ramachandran Nair?
        He is a bus conductor. Now read it again!! :p :p :p :p
        For friendship call or watsapp: 7736619082

      • next gen LKG poem

          next generatn's LKG poem

          chatting chatting
          yes papa
          girlfriend setting
          no papa
          telling lies
          no papa
          open your whatsapp

        • Funny SMS in Hindi

            Two Commerce Students talking...
            Mehul: Oh! Sorry yaar,I heard about your breakup. Is it true?
            Rahul: Yup!
            Mehul: You must be sad na.. ....
            Rahul: No yaar! We are commerce students! I have kept 1 gf as reserved for doubtful debts.

          • husband and wife

              A man in Hell asked Devil: Can I make a call to my Wife?
              After making call he asked How much pay...
              Devil: Nothing, hell to hell is free... :-)

            • Marriage equation

                The Equation of Marriage:
                7 Glances = 1 Smile
                7 Smiles = 1 Meeting
                7 Meetings = 1 Kiss
                7 Kisses = 1 Proposal
                7 Proposals = 1 Marriage
                And that 1 marriage has 77777+
                So beware of a glance. Whatsapp +256702930455

              • boyz rOckzzz

                  Teacher:Can u See God
                  Teacher: can u touch God
                  Teacher:Then isn't a GOD

                  A Boy Raises From His Bench And Said:
                  "Sir ,can u see ur brain"
                  Boy:Can u touch ur brain
                  Teacher :No
                  Boy: OK So u dont hav brain?!

                  BOYS ARE ALWAYS ROCKIN ..
                  for frndship,
                  watzapp- 7736619082

                • RULES FOR STUDENTS

                    1-Never make noise in the class bcoz others r sleeping , 2-be absent 2 keep the campus clean, 3-always take books it act as pillow , 4-never come early to class,no one will notice u........Njoy school life........

                  • boYs rocKzzz

                      Why girls block boys.? examples given below
                      Boy: What's your Name??
                      Girl: Rani and you?

                      Boy: Rajaa.....


                      Girl :"have good day".........

                      Boy:no thanks....i like "tiger
                      biskets" more......

                      Girl :what's up...??



                      Boy:Thank you.......!

                      Girl :it's my pleasure....!
                      Boy:my bajaj pulsur.....

                      **blocked forever**..
                      watsapp - 7736619082

                    • maDe in inDia lolZ .. <3

                        A Japani came to INDIA...!
                        He took an auto to go to the airport,
                        on the way a Honda overtakes ...
                        Japani: HONDA made in JAPAN..... very
                        fast... next a toyota overtakes
                        Japani: TOYOTA made in JAPAN.....very fast ....
                        Reached Airport & asked How Much?
                        Driver: RS. 8000 ....
                        Japani: Why so expensive??
                        Driver: METER made in
                        INDIA ........''VERY FAST.....'' JAI HO ...
                        for frndship ....
                        watsapp - 7736619082

                      • ladies first

                          2 Lovers decided to suicide...!
                          Boy jumped 1st, Girl Closed her
                          eyes n returned
                          Boy In the Air Opened the
                          Parachute n Said I
                          knew that Bitch won't "jump.!
                          From that day onwards
                          peoplestarted saying
                          # Ladies First

                        • Junaid Elampara

                            WHY DO STUDENTS FAIL? ?
                            A year has 365 days
                            Sundays :52
                            balance :313 summer
                            8hours daily sleep means 122
                            1 hour daily playing means
                            2 hours daily foodmeans 30 days
                            1hr 4 talking means15 days
                            exam days total in year 35days
                            bal:46 days
                            festival 40days
                            sickness 3days,movies & functions
                            at least2days,
                            that 1 day is Ur birthday
                            HOW CAN A STUDENT PASS?

                          • I love you

                              I love you

                              i love you very much

                              i love you realy

                              i love you agan

                              bcoz. Swami vivek anand paranjatundu love animals. Prethekichu MONKEYS,

                            • classroom Attendance

                                Forest attendance!!!!
                                lion ? present sir
                                zeebra ? present sir
                                elephant ? present sir
                                monkey ? monkey!? monkey ????

                                massage vayichirikkathe present parayeda!!

                              • sO briLLiant ...!

                                  Brilliant Answers by a Student who got 0% Marks.
                                  Question .1 - In which battle did Tipu Sultan Died ?
                                  Ans.- In his Last Battle.
                                  Question .2- What is the Main Reason for Divorce ?.
                                  Ans.- Marriage.
                                  Question .3- Ganga Flows in which State ?
                                  Ans.- Liquid State.
                                  Question .4- When was Mahatma Gandhi Born?
                                  Ans.- On His Birthday

                                  for love nd frndshp , add me ..
                                  watsapp - 7736619082

                                • needs love women only

                                    Ur Past is a Waste Paper,Present is a News Paper,Future is a Question Paper,So Read & Write carefuly otherwise ur life may be a Tissue paper.. Whatspp me @ +234-8139792003

                                  • Relationship Between Men-Men and Women-Women

                                      A woman doesn’t
                                      come home one night. The
                                      next day she tells her
                                      husband that she had slept
                                      over at a girlfriend's house. The husband calls his wife's
                                      10 best friends. None of
                                      them know anything about
                                      it.A man doesn’t come home
                                      one night. The next day he tells his wife that he had
                                      slept over at a friend’s
                                      house. The wife calls her
                                      husband's 10 best men
                                      friends. Eight of them
                                      confirm that he had slept over, and two claim that he
                                      was still there.
                                      From +254750888888

                                    • U r a bitch

                                        U are a BITCH

                                        don't panic bitch means,

                                        ARE U SMILE NOW ?
                                        So u r a realy *BITCH*

                                      • Boyz always rockz

                                          Best slogan by a boy on the occasion of world
                                          environment day:
                                          ‘Save Earth,
                                          This is The Only Planet
                                          Where U Get Girls.!


                                        • Laugh for once

                                            I crack a joke
                                            To make you smile
                                            A hardened look on your face
                                            Is your reply.
                                            Not a peep not a word
                                            it's like meeting a silent bird;
                                            Strange and unusual
                                            But then
                                            Out of the midst of a scowl
                                            The corners of her mouth
                                            Turn upwards into
                                            A beautiful smile.
                                            A laugh, a happy ray of hope.
                                            I am having
                                            an unordinary day

                                          • A man received an unknown call.

                                              A man received an unknown call..
                                              Girl : hello do you have a gf??
                                              Man : no, who are you darling?
                                              Girl : M ur girl friend Diana, hate u

                                              Again man got a call
                                              Girl : do u have a gf??
                                              Man : yes darling
                                              Girl : m ur wife Alice, hate u
                                              Man : oh sorry honey i didn't recognise u
                                              Girl : m Diana i knew it that u have a wife, Hate u liar...

                                              Man : wtf..... :-P:-D

                                            • Hey....please help me as a friend

                                                Hey..,please could you send me a passport size photo of yours...Please do me this favour... As a biology student i have to do research about monkeys it would be very helpful

                                              • If a BARBER makes amistake,it’s a new style. .If a POLI

                                                  If a BARBER makes a
                                                  it’s a new style. .
                                                  If a POLITICIAN makes a
                                                  it’s a new law. .
                                                  If a SCIENTIST makes a
                                                  it’s a new invention. .
                                                  If a TAILOR makes a
                                                  it’s a new fashion. .
                                                  If a TEACHER makes a
                                                  it’s a new theory. .
                                                  If a STUDENT makes a
                                                  it’s a "MISTAKE" .
                                                  This iz cheating...

                                                • For boyfriends and girlfriends

                                                    Knock, Knock
                                                    Who's there?
                                                    I don't know
                                                    i don't know who?
                                                    i dont know who i am because i got lost in to your eyes(from boys, for girls only)
                                                    i dont know because your perfect for me(from girls, to boys)

                                                  • www.facebook.com/nalla.payya

                                                      i want u 2 know dat our friendship means alot 2 me.U cry i cry.U lauf i lauf.U jump out of da window... I look down & den... i lauf again


                                                    • girlz are like....

                                                        Boy: Marry me?
                                                        Girl: Do you have a house?
                                                        Boy: No..
                                                        Girl: Do you have a BMW car?
                                                        Boy: No..
                                                        Girl: How much is your salary?
                                                        Boy: No salary.. but..
                                                        Girl: No but. You have nothing. How can I marry you? Just leave me, please!!
                                                        Boy: I have one villa, 3 property lands, 3 Ferraris, 2Porsches.. Why do I still needto buy BMW?! How can I get salary when actually I am the BOSS?
                                                        Girl : wanna get married ?
                                                        Boy: NO !

                                                      • funny phone call

                                                          Unknown Calls ;
                                                          He : Hey , Do you have boy friend ?
                                                          She : Yes , Who are you ?
                                                          He : Im your brother , Just wait till
                                                          i come home !
                                                          Another Unknown call
                                                          He : Hey , Do you have boyfriend ?
                                                          She : No !
                                                          He : Im your boyfriend ,You just
                                                          broke my heart
                                                          She : Sorry , I thought it was my
                                                          brother !
                                                          He : Haha ! Im your brother Let
                                                          me reach the house

                                                        • Don't love a beautiful person.

                                                            Don't love a beautiful person.
                                                            Love a person who can give you a beautiful life..
                                                            Paint kandu 'veedu' vaangaruthennu..!!

                                                          • hey guyz whats up

                                                              kiss a police lady.
                                                              She'l say 'Hands up'
                                                              Nvr kis a lady
                                                              doctor.she'l say
                                                              'next plz' Always kiss a
                                                              tcher.Coz she'l say
                                                              repeat it 10times.


                                                            • Shan Say's

                                                                If a girL has
                                                                baLance in her ceLL, then she
                                                                has a boy friend,
                                                                If a boy has baLance in his
                                                                ceLL, then he has no girL

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