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  • राजीव राजभर

      हर सुबह तेरी जिंदगी खुशियों से भर दे रब तेरे गम को तेरी ख़ुशी कर दे जब भी टूटने लगे तेरी साँसे खुदा तुझमे शामिल मेरी ज़िन्दगी कर दे

    • Aaaaaa1223232222222

        Ambili poyi

        sooryan bann

        bem eneechala chengaye

        nalla ilam bail thattnente munn eneekk himare

        gud mrng

      • God's Wish

          If things r happening according to ur wish, u r lucky!
          but if they are not

          u r very lucky, b'coz they are happening according to God's wish!
          Gud Morning

        • Vendenkil..

            Snehathode oru goodnight. Vendenkil thirich thannolu.

          • good morning in indian style


              tak ane wali “NINDIYA” xpress

              Prabhat Nagar pahuch chuki hai,

              Yatriyo se anurodh hai K wo apne

              Hasin Sapno se Jaag jae. Good Morning.

            • Gud morning

                What a 9ice sun, which rise 2 us, as it rise ur glory shall come 2 u. Gud morning

              • ningalkkumakaam oru urakkam

                  Welcome to Ningalkkum tharaam

                  good night.

                  oru urakkam...

                  orotta urakkam mathi ravile akan..

                  swagatham su swagatham swapnangalilekk

                  dhE uragi dhA eneechu...

                  : gud ni8. |-)|-)|-)|-)|-)|-)|-)|-)|-)

                • gud mrning

                    Apni nind se to sabhi pyar krte h,

                    isliye apki nind subh subh khrab krte h,

                    log rubb ko yaad krte h,

                    hum subh subh apko yaad krte h.

                    wishing u nice gud mrng.

                    hve nice dy.

                  • Goood morning

                      Always wake up to a good morning, because tomorrow morning is not promised!

                    • Look outside ...It's so pleasant !

                        Look outside ... It's so pleasant !

                        Sun smiling 4 U...

                        Trees dancing 4 U...

                        Birds singing 4 U...

                        coz I requested them all 2 wish U a sweet GOOD MORNING..

                      • deepavali wishes

                          manushya manasukalile iruttine

                          akattan nanmayude deepangalumai ee sudinathil namukkonnu cheram.

                          HAPPY DEEPAVALI

                          khalgminu@yahoo. com

                        • Good morning!

                            Future is not what we planned for tomorow.. !!

                            It's the result of what we do today.. !!

                            So, do the best in your present
                            enjoy your

                          • morning message

                              Suraj nikal raha he Purab se Din shuru hua apki Yaad se Kehna chahte he hum Apko dilse Apka din accha jaye hamare Good Morning se.

                            • Past is a waste paper,

                                Past is a waste paper,
                                Present is a news paper,
                                Future is a question paper,
                                Life is an answer paper,
                                So carefully read n write.
                                gOOD mORNING

                              • Good Morning


                                  (O)ffers us


                                  (D)evotion to

                                  (M)ake us

                                  (O)bedient &

                                  (R)eady for

                                  (N)ew day to


                                  (N)ew aim for the


                                  GOOD MORNING

                                • Chandni love

                                    Chandni chand se hoti hai sitaron se nhi

                                    Muhabt aik se hoti hai hazaron se nhi

                                  • good morning

                                      MORNING Is"SUN


                                      is"BEAUTIFUL", Morning


                                      IS"SWEET", But

                                      MORNING is Not

                                      Complete, Without

                                      WishingU, Good Morning

                                    • ((((((()))))) Good Morning ((((((())))))))

                                        Life is a oneway road,
                                        U can see Back.
                                        U can't Go Back. So Don't miss anything.
                                        Enjoy Every Second Of Life...
                                        gd mng

                                      • Ponnprefatham

                                          Daivam namukkayi karuthyi vacha orodinagalum snthoshavum samathanavum niranjathakatte....... gud mng my all frnds...... especially gud mng ash.......

                                        • good morning

                                            Superb thought. never try to maintain relations in your life. just try to maintain life in your relations. good Morning


                                          • Goodmorning

                                              GOOD MORNING

                                              Just 4 u

                                              must 4 u

                                              First 4 u

                                              Nothing 4 u

                                              Nothing 2 say

                                              Always be Happy

                                              Its my pray

                                              HAVE A NICE DAY

                                            • good morning

                                                No Doubt,
                                                The best thing u can give to
                                                A person in your life.........

                                                Make sure that the person Who Receives it,
                                                Its value....
                                                *good morning B-)

                                              • Good Morning SMS

                                                  "one of the reasons why people hold on to memories so tight is because

                                                  memories are the only thing that dont change when everything else"
                                                  Gud Morning

                                                • Hemu Hemanth

                                                    Why the sun sets and rise every day ????Socho socho !??So that u can wish good morning and good evening to your loving ones!
                                                    Mornings are refreshing like friendship, it may not stay all day long, but for sure it comes forever every day. Good Morning.
                                                    Good morning MY DEAR. Do U know what is MY DEAR... M-Myself Y-Yield D-Deeply & E-Emotionally to A-An R-Rare person, that is U.

                                                  • Good evening

                                                      , ; *"*; ,

                                                      *; , G, ; *


                                                      , ; *"*; ,

                                                      *; , O, ; *


                                                      , ; *"*; ,

                                                      *; , O, ; *


                                                      , ; *"*; ,

                                                      *; , D, ; *


                                                      , ; *"; , ; *"; , ; *"; , ; *; ,

                                                      *, ¤ evening. ¤, *

                                                      __)(_I _)(_ I_ _)(__

                                                    • F.E.A.R. has 2 meaning

                                                        F - forget

                                                        E - everything

                                                        A - and

                                                        R - run


                                                        F - face

                                                        E - everything

                                                        A - and

                                                        R - rejoice

                                                        now the choice is yours

                                                        good morning...

                                                      • sweet love










                                                        • RAAT--- Good Night

                                                            Raat kaya he,

                                                            R: Roshni Ka Kho jana

                                                            A: Andhera Ho jana

                                                            A: Ankho Ko bandh karna

                                                            T: Takiye Par sir rakahna

                                                            Aur So jana



                                                          • Always Try to be more

                                                              Always Try to be more Sensitive about Peoples Feelings.. Because there are Times that a TEAR Means HAPPINESS, AndA SMILE Means HURT. !!: |

                                                            • ROSSE LOVE

                                                                A cute line said by a rosse: its better to stay in a boy's
                                                                grave than to stay in a girl's hair who doesn't know what is love...

                                                                "GOOD MORNING HAVE A NICE DAY"

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