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  • Beautiful pictures

      Beautiful pictures are developed from negatives in a dark room. so, if you see darkness in your life, be sure that God is making a beautiful picture for you Good Morning, by 050 26 27 28 6

    • GOOD DAY and Good Morning

        Open ur tinky minky


        stand up and strech ur

        crunchy prunchy bonz

        and then wake up

        yourself, tell your brain

        to refresh

        and tell your self 2days

        is GOOD DAY

        Good Morning

      • Good morning

          Successful people always have two things on their lips, ... Silence&Smile... Smile to solve the problem, And.. Silence to avoid the prblm..... GUD MRG

        • Always Try to be more

            Always Try to be more Sensitive about Peoples Feelings.. Because there are Times that a TEAR Means HAPPINESS, AndA SMILE Means HURT. !!: |

          • @good morning@

              saying good morning to u is not a formality or due to free msg it is a processing to remember u in the first minute of the day GOOD MORNING AND HAVE A VERY ACHCHA DAY

            • Ponnprefatham

                Daivam namukkayi karuthyi vacha orodinagalum snthoshavum samathanavum niranjathakatte....... gud mng my all frnds...... especially gud mng ash.......

              • Good morning

                  G(@)^^^°(@)D Morning my sweet frnd°°°°°°°°°°«»°

                • goodmorning




                    d4-dil se

                    e4-ek bar milkar

                    f4-face 2 face

                    g4-gale laga kar

                    h4-hum tumko kahna chahte h.

                    ab to uth jao


                  • Time Is Precious

                      Clock Makes a Sound Tic Tic.

                      But Listen Carefully It Is Not Tic Tic.

                      Its Real Sound Is Quick Quick, Saying Time Is Very Precious Use It In The Best Way.

                      Good Morning !

                    • Chandni love

                        Chandni chand se hoti hai sitaron se nhi

                        Muhabt aik se hoti hai hazaron se nhi

                      • Life is XXX"

                          Life is XXX"

                          Yesterday is "X"perience

                          2day is "X"periment

                          2mrw is "X"pectation.

                          Use ur Xperience In ur Xperiment To achieve ur Xpectation..

                          Gd evg

                        • GOOD MORNING

                            A new sun

                            A new day

                            A new sms

                            Asking u to

                            forget all ur



                            & tears

                            for someone

                            who wants to

                            see you happy

                            Good Morning

                          • good morning

                              MORNING Is"SUN


                              is"BEAUTIFUL", Morning


                              IS"SWEET", But

                              MORNING is Not

                              Complete, Without

                              WishingU, Good Morning

                            • NallaUrakkam

                                Ellavarkkum aasanathil vail adikkunnathu vareyulla urakka nerunnu

                              • Orupadhu snehathodhe

                                  Ethiri dhoorathu ninnum othiri snehathodhe.......

                                  GooD morning



                                  "-FoR yOu FoR eVeR-"

                                • Gdd mrng by nazal.ct

                                    Agrahangalk athirugalilla

                                    "lulu sarees"

                                    ath pole agrahangalil chikathengilum sadhyamavunna oru pulari ashamsikunnu

                                    gdddd mrng

                                  • ..........GUD NI8.........

                                      , !'.

                                      / l'..

                                      _/_. l. '_'. __

                                      \, _, _, _, _, /_, _, _, _,

                                      A boat is waiting

                                      4u! It take's u in to a

                                      "DREAM LAND"

                                      Have the

                                      Sweetest Sleep

                                      Good night dear..

                                    • deepavali wishes

                                        manushya manasukalile iruttine

                                        akattan nanmayude deepangalumai ee sudinathil namukkonnu cheram.

                                        HAPPY DEEPAVALI

                                        khalgminu@yahoo. com

                                      • wish happy morning

                                          G !"""\/"""!

                                          U ! !\/! ORNING

                                          D !__! !__!

                                          !""! !""!

                                          ! >< AVE

                                          !__! !__!


                                          / - NICE



                                          ! () AY

                                          ! ___-

                                        • Goodmorning

                                            GOOD MORNING

                                            Just 4 u

                                            must 4 u

                                            First 4 u

                                            Nothing 4 u

                                            Nothing 2 say

                                            Always be Happy

                                            Its my pray

                                            HAVE A NICE DAY

                                          • good morning

                                              "F, "L, "O, "W, "E, "R, "F, U, "L, "L,

                                              "M, "O, "R, "N, "I, "N, "G.

                                              "C, "O, "L, "O, "U, "R, "F, "U, "L, "L,

                                              "N, "O, "O, "N.

                                              "J, "O, "Y,

                                              "F, "U, "L, "L,

                                              "E, "V, "E, "N, "I, "N, "G.

                                              "P, "E, "A, "C, "E, "F, "U, "L, "L,

                                              "N, "I, "G, "H, "T.

                                              Be Happy, it is a

                                              "F, "A, "N, "T, "A, "S, "T, "I, "C. "D, "A, "Y. For you..........

                                              GOOD MORNING...................

                                            • True quote:

                                                "A single moment of misundrstndg is very poisonous, cos within a minute, it makes to 4get the hundred lovable moments spent together.... GD MRNG!

                                              • RAAT--- Good Night

                                                  Raat kaya he,

                                                  R: Roshni Ka Kho jana

                                                  A: Andhera Ho jana

                                                  A: Ankho Ko bandh karna

                                                  T: Takiye Par sir rakahna

                                                  Aur So jana



                                                • Vendenkil..

                                                    Snehathode oru goodnight. Vendenkil thirich thannolu.

                                                  • Wish u a HaPpY Vijaya Dashami

                                                      Sarva Mangala Mangalya ! Shive Sarvardha Sadhike ! Sharanye Thrayambake Devi!! Narayani Namosthuthe!!!

                                                      "Vijaya dashami ashamsakal"

                                                      Anand: 8891777023

                                                    • Gud ni8 butterfly

                                                        , . -. -. -. '\/'. -. -. -. ,

                                                        "-. , -. '(ii): '. -, . -"

                                                        '-.. -'(. )'-.. -'

                                                        Oru Good night parayaan vittatha. . , onnum cheyyathe thirichu vittekkane

                                                      • Dear Frnds,






                                                          !_!""!_!appy morning


                                                          !_!""!_!ave a nice day

                                                          Anand: 8891777023

                                                        • Good Morning


                                                            / l__l Delivery

                                                            | |________


                                                            This van is

                                                            loaded with LOVE n CARE,

                                                            Wishing U a

                                                            NICE MORNING

                                                            Gud Mrng

                                                          • Good Morning


                                                              (O)ffers us


                                                              (D)evotion to

                                                              (M)ake us

                                                              (O)bedient &

                                                              (R)eady for

                                                              (N)ew day to


                                                              (N)ew aim for the


                                                              GOOD MORNING

                                                            • Loveli good mornig

                                                                . ; ""; . . ; ""; .

                                                                '+, ", +'

                                                                "+, +"





                                                                "LITTLE HEART"


                                                                "wish u"

                                                                GOOD MORNING HAVE A NICE DAY

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