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  • Have a wonderful day.

      Good, \ ! /,

      Morning _- O -_, _, . +""-. _, . +""-. _, +""


      Have a wonderful day.

    • Gud mrng..............

        There are two things in the world which make me wake up:

        the alarm-clock and... your name!

        Gud mrng.

      • sweet love










        • GOOD MORNING

            Is a
            To Wish
            To Love
            To Care
            To Smile
            And to see you in
            Good mood
            good morning
            Have a lovely day.....

          • Good Morning Wishes

              Morning is God's way of saying;

              "One More Time! Live Life,
              Make Difference,
              Touch One Heart,
              Encourage One Mind"

              Good Morning! Have A Great Day!

            • Good morning

                Hey lazy öne-
                i Knw $till ur Lazy hand r trying r trying to pick up cell and ur cartoon eyes are trying to read my insulting msg abt u.
                Wake up lazy funny frend.
                @GÖöD mÖrÑÍNG@

              • Good morning

                  @GOOD morning@
                  this cute word itself tell us the meaning of morning. so why should we explain. so only@ GREAT MORNING@

                • HAVE A NICE DAY

                    GOOD DAYS give U happiness,
                    BAD DAYS give U experience,
                    WORST DAYS give U a lesson,
                    Therefore Never blame a DAY in ur life.
                    Have NICE DAY..

                  • Good night

                      May the devils guard you
                      Draculas cover u
                      vampires kiss u.
                      Mummys dance b4u.
                      Thirsty wolfshaunt ur dreams.
                      "HAVE A HORRIBLE NIGHT".....

                    • good ni8....??!!

                        Night is a
                        nice gift
                        so open
                        the gift
                        by closing
                        ur eyes
                        u'll b see
                        d another world waiting for u
                        Enjoy it vth sweet dreams good ni8.... ?? !!

                      • DREAMS Are Like STARS

                          Are Like STARS
                          You May Never Touch
                          THEM But
                          If You Follow THEM
                          THEY Will LEAD You
                          To Your DESTINY
                          Good Night.

                        • Past is a waste paper,

                            Past is a waste paper,
                            Present is a news paper,
                            Future is a question paper,
                            Life is an answer paper,
                            So carefully read n write.
                            gOOD mORNING

                          • Goood morning

                              Always wake up to a good morning, because tomorrow morning is not promised!

                            • The best relationship

                                The best relationship is not the 1 which is free from problems n misunderstanding....
                                Its the one where a sorry nd a smile can make everything perfect as before... !!
                                Gud morning...

                              • Life is an Echo

                                  Whenever you share the goodness in your heart, you always end up winning hearts...

                                  because life is an echo; it gives back what you have given

                                  Good Morning, dear friend

                                • A wish from GOD

                                    When God Opened the window of heaven.....
                                    He asked me what is ur wish for today?
                                    I said please take special care of the person reading this.......

                                    GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!

                                  • goood morning

                                      : """: : """:
                                      : : ,, : : Î

                                    • ((((((()))))) Good Morning ((((((())))))))

                                        Life is a oneway road,
                                        U can see Back.
                                        U can't Go Back. So Don't miss anything.
                                        Enjoy Every Second Of Life...
                                        gd mng

                                      • good morning

                                          No Doubt,
                                          The best thing u can give to
                                          A person in your life.........

                                          Make sure that the person Who Receives it,
                                          Its value....
                                          *good morning B-)

                                        • Venalkkalam

                                            e eriyunaa venalkkalathu viyartholichu nilkkunna ninakku sareerathe thanuppelpikkunna karimpin jusu pole kuliru niranja oru venalkkala rathri nerunnu

                                          • dpkaprasath

                                              a rosy good morning to my crazy friend who is still drowsy in bed...... this crazy baby wishes you a dazzling day with smile and fun...... HAPPY MORNING

                                            • Good morning!

                                                Future is not what we planned for tomorow.. !!

                                                It's the result of what we do today.. !!

                                                So, do the best in your present
                                                enjoy your

                                              • Good Morning!

                                                  Future is not what we planned for tomorow.. !!
                                                  It's the result of what we do today.. !!
                                                  So, do the best in your present
                                                  enjoy your

                                                • Good Morning!

                                                    Future is not what we planned for tomorow.. !!

                                                    It's the result of what we do today.. !!

                                                    So, do the best in your present
                                                    enjoy your

                                                  • DANISH 9809734501




                                                      is gone.

                                                      So, a Beautiful Night
                                                      is waiting for YOU.

                                                      Have a nice SLEEP
                                                      "Good Night"

                                                    • Aswin - 9961069606

                                                        I m alwz behind u..
                                                        i nevr xpct u 2 turn back wen u r hapy.
                                                        Bt wen u r in trouble no need 2 turn back, just stop, i'l join u. !
                                                        Gud morning

                                                      • Good Morning

                                                          good m
                                                          good mo
                                                          good mor
                                                          good morn
                                                          good morni
                                                          good mornin
                                                          good morning

                                                        • good morning!!!

                                                            SWEET D,
                                                            SWEET DR,
                                                            SWEET DRE,
                                                            SWEET DREA,
                                                            SWEET DREAM,
                                                            SWEET DREAMS, .. !..
                                                            (((((Good Morning)))))

                                                          • If u need success....

                                                              Dont follow the crowd. !
                                                              Make the crowd follow you...
                                                              My attitude of my life ...
                                                              Try to do if you need success...

                                                              thought from your's friend ....

                                                            • Hello Laxmi garu

                                                                One of the joys in life
                                                                is waking up each day
                                                                with thoughts that somewhere,
                                                                Someone cares enough to
                                                                send a warm morning greeting!
                                                                Good morning and enjoy the day!

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