Ayurveda for stress free pregnancy and effortless delivery

Obstetrics and gynecology are the terms referring to medical and surgical practices associated with female reproductive organs and reproductive process. Gynecology includes treatments and medication right from pre -pregnancy medication to post delivery care. Today with the advancement of modern medicine, gynecology has become a well developed stream of medicine. But, even before gynecology was accepted as a medical practice, similar treatment methods were prevailed among many folk medicinal practices and especially in Ayurveda. Ayurveda has well defined procedures and medications under obstetrics and gynecology. These practices include infertility treatments, pre-pregnancy care, delivery procedures and post-delivery care. These practices are aimed at a less-complicated delivery and healthy mother and child.

Ayurveda is called 'Ashtanga Ayurveda' as Ayurveda has divided its treatment protocols under eight sub categories. Gynecology which is known as 'Prasutitantra' is one among the eight branches and is one of the most researched branches in Ayurveda treatments. 'Prasutitantra' is not just limited to pregnancy treatments alone, but also suggests the best timings for consuming, nutritious food for healthy mother and child, changes in lifestyle in each month of pregnancy etc...

Preparing a woman for pregnancy

Pregnancy is, of course, a wonderful experience. A woman has to prepare mentally and physically to have jovial pregnancy and less-complicated delivery. Ayurveda suggests several ways of preparing a woman for pregnancy. Ayurveda being a treatment method primarily of herbal medicines, even gynecology has to do a lot with natural ingredients and medications. There are medications to control hormonal imbalances and also to promote nutrition and health. It is scientifically proved that hormone levels play a vital role in the reproductive health of a woman. Thus, controlling and balancing hormone levels, many of the pregnancy disorders and discomforts could be brought under control. Through yoga and meditation a women can achieve peaceful and stress-free mind set during pregnancy thus promoting the mental health of the baby. Pre-pregnancy treatments and medications are limited to controlling stress and promoting healthy and nutritious lifestyle. Other medicines are prescribed only if the woman is suffering from any severe health condition.

Pregnancy care in Ayurveda

Ayurveda has detailed all the developments of the embryo in the uterus and also the physical changes the mother undergoes at each stage of pregnancy. The general pregnancy is described in 'Pregnancy Vyakaran'. Similarly, the development of the fetus is mentioned in 'Garbhavakranti'. Ayurveda believes that a women at the late stages of pregnancy should be considered as with one feet on the earth and the other one on the world of 'Yama'. This statement literally indicates the importance of extreme care during the final stages of pregnancy to save mother and baby from death. A slight negligence may be fatal on the life of mother and baby. The first three months and the last three are most important stages of pregnancy and special care and medication is required at these months. Pregnancy is divided into four stages by Ayurveda. These stages are named Prajayini, Upasthita Prasava, Prajayi Syamana and Apara Patana. Each stage has to follow its own lifestyle and medications for healthy pregnancy.

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Pregnancy related diseases

The nutritious needs double during pregnancy as the mother has to supply to the baby also. Thus the chances of getting affected with diseases also are doubled. The most common disorders and ailments found during pregnancy are nausea, anorexia, vomiting, fever, edema, anemia, diarrhea and retention of urine. During pregnancy female body may become subject to all sort of infections and ailments. Ayurveda suggests neat and clean lifestyle and healthy food habits to stay away from all sorts of infections and diseases. Ayurveda prescribes medications and procedures for all the pregnancy related ailments and discomforts. Being a curative therapy, Ayurveda gives more importance to stay away from infections rather treating them after getting affected with.

Effortless Delivery

Ayurveda suggests certain medicines and practices to lead to an effortless delivery. These medicines will help the necessary hormones to be generated at the proper levels. In fact, Ayurveda has defined different set of medicines for each month of pregnancy. Hormones like oxytocin and prostaglandins help safe and natural labor. Certain practices and medications improve such hormones in the body. Some of these Ayurveda practices also help in easy contraction of muscles during delivery and also maintaining the proper blood pressure.