Hypertension is a common disorder where blood pressure in the arteries remains abnormally high. Hypertension is a major risk factor for stroke, heart attack, heart failure etc...

Ayurvedic Approach of Hypertension

Ayurvedic text does not explain hypertension as it is, probably because hypertension is a modern disease that was absent in the past. Therefore to find an Ayurvedic cure for hypertension Ayurveda practitioners followed these steps.

They first identified the factors of hypertension like symptoms and progression and identified the structural and functional factors that got imbalanced in the diseased patients.

Secondly they correlated these factors with diseases already mentioned in the Ayurveda texts, thus helping them to apply the treatment & medicines of correlated diseases in a new unexplained condition.

Now, Ayurveda sees hypertension as a dysfunction of all the doshas, viz. vata, pitta and kapha. In ayurveda, Hypertension is referred to as Rakta Capa Vriddhi and it sees the vitiation of vata and pitta doshas as the main cause. Therefore Ayurveda treatment of hypertension mainly involves balancing of these two doshas. Along with herbal treatment, Ayurveda stresses on a healthy balanced diet healthy lifestyle, yoga and meditation for the treatment of high blood pressure.

Ayurveda Dietary recommendation for Hypertension

Rather than just taking more fresh fruits, vegetables and a diet low in fat content, low in proteins etc... Ayurvedic diet for hypertension stresses on a diet which helps in balancing the doshas. This means that the diet taken by a hypertension patient must be a tridosha pacifying one.

Diet to be followed for hypertension

  • Diet followed by hypertension patients should be in such a way that it reduces body weight and excess fat, thereby reducing the blood pressure. Therefore the following diet is recommended
  • A vegetarian diet including the following is ideal for hypertension - Garlic, Lemon, parsley, bitter gourd, drumstick etc...
  • Fresh fruits are very useful in fighting high blood pressure. Indian Gooseberry, Grapes, banana, guava and watermelon are considered beneficial. Dry fruits are also considered to be harmless
  • The quantity of salt used should be minimized to the maximum possible extend. Excessive use of salt is considered to be the main culprit behind many heart diseases especially hypertension.
  • Non vegetarian food like red meat and eggs should be completely avoided due to its high salt content.
  • Coffee should be avoided because of its caffeine content.
  • Reduce the quantity of oil used and completely avoid the use of hydrogenated oils.
  • Reduce the intake of cereals and pulses.

Ayurveda Dietary recommendation for Hypertension

  • Regular exercise is the best way to keep hypertension at bay. Walking/jogging is a good exercise as it helps in reducing weight.
  • Practicing yoga and meditation is very effective. Regular yoga practice and meditation will help in leading a stress free life.
  • Sound sleep and proper rest is very essential. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep and proper rest
  • Avoid anger, tension, anxiety and loud speaking as all these increases blood pressure.
  • Laughter therapy is considered a good medicine for the treatment of hypertension.
  • Avoid smoking as cigarette smokers tend to have high blood pressure due to is nicotine content.
  • Simple breathing exercise will help in calming down the mind. Adopt breathing exercise when ever you are tensed, nervousness or anxious.