Once you figure out that you have a Strawberry shaped body, you will be able to find out what you can wear and what you should not. But before that, you have to find out whether you are a strawberry shaped woman or not.

How to know you are a strawberry shaped woman?

  1. Your shoulders are wide, most probably they are wider than your hips.
  2. You have a large and wide chest, especially when compared to your frame.
  3. You have a lean and small hips and legs.

Famous strawberry shaped women

If you are still not sure that you are a strawberry shape, you can just compare your body to the frames of some famous Hollywood celebrities. Some of the famous strawberry shaped women in Hollywood like Naomi Campbell, Renee Zellwegger etc. have the top heavy look.

Strawberry Figure - What should you wear?

As a strawberry shaped woman, you have to make sure that you wear clothes that would enhance the right curves and not bring out the flaws in your body as well. Here are some things that you can follow to make sure that you look your best, all the time:

  1. Skirts: Flared skirts are your best friend, as they can really enhance the strawberry shape bodies. They can enhance your hips and make them look proportionate to your top.
  2. Use belts: Using some interesting belts can really enhance the hip and draw attention to the same. It is important for you to draw attention towards your waist and your hip, for it is generally less defined than the top portion of your body.
  3. Neckline: For strawberry shaped bodies, some of the best options for necklines are square necklines, sweetheart necklines etc. A scooped V neckline would also look really good on the top heavy strawberry body- enhancing an important aspect of their bodies!
  4. Flared pants: Flared pants would draw attention to the bottom portion of your body and make your legs look amazing.
  5. Go for a cinched waist: A top, a skirt or a dress with a cinched waistline (where the dress is tighter around the waist) would look really good on strawberry shaped bodies.
  6. Anything that flares: A dress that is tight fitting on top and flaring at the bottom. Flared pants, flared skirts, flared jackets etc. If you have a strawberry figure, all these are your best friends!

What dress to avoid by strawberry shaped women

As a Strawberry shaped body, there are going to be a lot of clothes you would have to avoid in order to prevent a fashion faux pas. Here are the worst clothes you could choose:

  1. High neck clothes: If you wear high necked clothes, you are probably just going to be drawing unwanted attention to the top half of your body, which will definitely not make you look any good.
  2. Light colors: If you wear the light colors on top, it will make your top portion look bigger (light colors make things look bigger). As a rule, you should avoid wearing light colors on top.
  3. Box shaped clothes: There are a lot of box shaped clothes in the market nowadays and this is definitely not a good idea for you because it will just make you look shapeless (and not in a good way).
  4. Flowing tops: You might think that wearing flowing tops hide your large top portion and make you look better, but that is not the case. You will just draw attention to the top portion of your body and not enhance your bottom at all, by wearing these flowy tops.

What to wear on special occasions:

  1. Formal occasions: In a wedding, the strawberry shaped woman should rely more on halter necks, scooped necklines, flaring hemlines, or strapless dresses. It would also help to choose a non- stiff, flowing material.
  2. For parties, the same rules would apply. Short skirts and short dresses would also suit the occasion and the body shape.
  3. For office wear, the strawberry shaped body would look good in flared skirts and flared formal pants, especially those that are worn as high rise.
  4. Casual occasions: A casual day out with your friends would certainly call for skirts and dresses made out of cotton or even materials like chiffon and georgette. Avoid anything that would be too long and any dress with a straight cut.