The Diamond shaped face is one of the most dramatic facial types. This type of face is the widest at the cheekbone and narrowest at the jaw line and the hairline. The face is shaped like a diamond. This face type is longer, rather than wide. It is quite a rare face type, and it most often confused for an oval shaped face. In order to find out whether you have an oval shaped face or a diamond shaped face, you just have to find out if your cheeks are wider than your forehead and your jaw, and if your hairline and jaw line are the same size.

Hair Style for Diamond face

The diamond shaped face is much longer than it is wide, so you would have to get a haircut that adds a lot more volume, in order to promote the illusion of width. You could do this by getting a curly or wavy hairdo. Getting heavy bangs or a fringe would also help. Don't get short bangs, and put weight on the hair at the nape of your neck. Having a haircut with layers would help you in this purpose.

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Makeup tips for Diamond face

There are two golden rules that you have to follow when it comes to applying makeup on your diamond shaped face- widen your eyebrows and do not add an artificial line to your lips. Having brows that are slightly apart would help widen the top portion of your face. However, you should stick to your natural lip line and not make them look wider, or longer, for that would make your chin look thinner and your cheek look wider. Use nude tones for your lip.

Sunglasses tips for Diamond face

You can experiment in this field, for the kind of eye wear that would suit you is not relevant for you if you have a diamond shaped face. Your eyewear should just accentuate your features now. You could go for square or rectangular frames, or for aviators. All of them would look good on you.

Jewellery tips for Diamond Shape

You can wear almost any type of necklace. Since the diamond shaped face is so angular, it would help for you to use princess length necklaces (this would soften your features). You can wear any earring as long as it is in proportion to your face size. Do not wear earrings that are too long (earrings that come till your chin, or below that), for it would elongate your face.

Famous people with diamond shaped face: Linda Evangelista, Sophia Loren, Felicity Hoffman.