The Rhomboid or Trapezoid Body Shaped man has a dream figure that most male models would love to have. They have admirable broad shoulders and a much smaller waist. If kept under control, this figure will look great.

At the same time, lack of right exercise and diet could stock a lot of fat around the tummy line and convert them into an apple shape or so. So, eat sensibly and keep a watch on your calorie count. 

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Protein rich diet: Have foods that low in fats and oils, rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates or starch is important to maintain that fit body of yours.

Poached eggs, chicken breasts, and Greek Yogurt: These are not high on fats and will provide the daily dose of protein.

Rolled Oats, Walnuts, Green Salad: These will provide the necessary fiber and vitamins that aids in digestion and burn off those extra calories.

Almond, Sunflower seeds, Ground Flax Seed powder: Have dry fruits up to 120 grams per day as they provide healthy seed oils, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for the body. Use it in your breakfast bowls and start off an energy packed day. Or else, it is also a good option to curb snack cravings.

Chicken, turkey, beef, lean cuts of meat and tuna: These are all lean non-vegetarian options. Try to avoid the fatty cuts as much as possible. Eat 2 portions of meat/ poultry/ fish, one portion of bread/ rice/ wheat and one portion of fresh salads.

Tempeh, beans, low-fat cheese, Quinoa: These are all lean vegetarian options. Have brown rice instead of white rice as it contains more fiber.

Do not Eat:

Ready to eat foods, white rice, fast foods, tinned foods, fries, beverages, alcohol, and other condiments need to be avoided.

Of course, you can plunge into such delights once a week, but nothing more than that.

Recommended Exercises

  • Include High-intensity cardiovascular workout in your daily routine that'll increase calories burnt per session.
  • Exercises including the plank and the pilates will strengthen the core muscles and this will ensure the calorie burnout in the entire body including the biggest muscles in case of apple body shapes -legs. 
  • Swimming, jogging, cycling will keep your fat ratio in a healthy range.
  • Please don't include bench presses, rowing as these may further add substantial volume to your upper body.