Beauty will fail to affect its necessary punch, if you look off color. Without the enhancement provided by vim and vigor, beauty virtually becomes meaningless. There is little to deny the relevance of the time tested adage- ‘you are what you eat’. So in order to add a lustrous touch of health to the God gifted traits of beauty, healthy lifestyle with its thrust on nutritious food is of paramount importance.

Correlation between nutrition & beauty

  • To all intents and purpose, nourishment provided by balanced diet can nurture and sustain the elements of beauty.
  • In order that external aspects of beauty including, hair,nails,skin and eye reflect clean bill of health- internal healthiness is one of the essential prerequisites.
  • Internal healthiness can only be boosted by nutritious food besides balanced lifestyle and exercise.

Nutritious food & beauty- role of balanced diet

  • Balanced diet including vital nutrients of carbohydrate, fat, protein ,vitamins, minerals and water has its own role to play in nurturing and sustaining the elements of beauty.
  • Other than boosting your internal health & exuberance, balanced diet also adds to your immunity- preventing you from diseases and infections- factors antithetic to the prospect of beauty.
  • Dietary imbalance with fad for junks, fries and sugary delicacies brings in its trail a series of fallouts including loss of shape, development of pimples, constipation and more vitally an impaired immune system.

Role of carbohydrates in a healthy diet plan

  • Though it is important to avoid carbohydrate with high glycemic index, the ones enriched with fiber are necessary from the point of view of health, glow and beauty.
  • So while, it is imperative to avoid processed starch, processed sugar and refined food grains; it is important to include helpings of unpolished food grains, seeded fruits and other fibrous sources of carbohydrates.
  • Options of apples, figs, coconut water besides unpolished rice and whole wheat grains ought to feature in a healthy diet plan.

Role of fat in a beauty diet plan

  • Feeling and being energetic are important aspects to consider in a beauty diet plan.
  • Keeping this in mind it is important to lay emphasis on the bare minimum fat content of the diet.
  • Excess insistence on calorie may be injurious from the perspective of beauty and health, but at the same time its relation to energizing cannot be denied.
  • When you opt for topping your fruit or vegetable salad with a cream based dressing, decrease its measure from two to one or half a tablespoon.
  • Do not exceed the measurement of two tablespoons of oil to give shape to your day’s menu to optimize the results of a beauty diet plan.

Role of protein in a healthy diet plan

  • With amino acids doling out its vital contribution towards the glossiness of hair, nails and skin- there is little to deny the role of protein in a healthy diet plan.
  • Besides the food sources of animal protein, green leafy vegetables, pumpkins, kale and sprouts encapsulate some of the physiologically relevant amino acids.
  • With its significant role playing in boosting luster and collagen content of skin, you need to include the same in right measure.
  • Extent and amount of protein required will vary according to age, level of activities and other physiological aspects such as height and weight.
  • A balanced blend of fish, egg and lean meat besides nuts, legumes and dairy product of low fat variety will ensure the necessary level of protein.

Role of minerals in healthy diet plan

  • In case you want to hold on to your youthful radiance and vibrant glow, do not overlook the importance of minerals.
  • In this regard, it is worth mentioning the importance of zinc as one of the beauty enhancing minerals to feature in a beauty diet plan.
  • In order to ensure yourself of diet enriched with zinc go for organic spinach, coconuts, kelp, seaweeds, cashew nuts , sesame and poppy seeds.
  • Serving to maintain glow enhancing collagen content, food rich in zinc also gives way to other nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants- essential from the point of view of anti ageing.
  • So if you are desirous of flawlessly shining glow of supermodels go for apricots, spinach past and salads sprinkled with seeds.

Role of vitamins and antioxidants as nutritious food

  • Vitamins and their different variations have significant roles to deliver in respect of beauty and health enhancement.
  • Ranging from preserving skin’s glowing luster, ensuring healthy teeth down to maintaining the ins and outs of the immune system- vitamins are of vital importance.
  • Retinol to be found in animal food sources such as liver, fish and fish oil & Beta carotene found in plant sources are some of the important variations of vitamin.
  • Dietary plan consisting of boiled veggies, glassful of skimmed milk, banana or a mango slice, fruit juice, fresh water fish/ egg /lean chicken, baked potato and cheese sandwich made of brown bread will supply vitamins and its necessary constituents in abundant measures.
  • Nutritious food items rich in Vitamin A, E, C and Selenium also supply antioxidants in plentiful measures- one of the much sought after nutrients from the points of view of health, beauty and anti ageing.