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Well- developed broad shoulders and chests with narrower hips and waistline...Congrats, you are an inverted triangle body shape. You share your physique with Famous Swimmer Michael Phelps, Athlete Usain Bolt and Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Features of Inverted Triangle body:

  • The upper half is larger compared to the lower half of the body
  • Shoulders are broad
  • Well shaped athletic legs and arms
  • Narrow hips and waist
  • Well developed chest muscles

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You should wear sensible to highlight your toned fit body. Choose close-fitting clothes that accentuate your lower body and torso by balancing your well shaped upper body. Stretchable cotton and fine wools are great additions to your wardrobe. Slim cotton polo shirts with spandex give perfect finish to your chiseled shoulders and chest while creating a tailored look around your waist.


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  • Since your shoulders are broad, make sure your jeans give a balanced look to your hips too. Slight flare type jeans will serve better than skin tight jeans.
  • Lighter shades will make the hips look wider. 
  • Darker shades will make you look slimmer and bring an oddness in your overall look. So, avoid dark shades.


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  • Pants need to be well-tailored ones and not too tight, as that would project the slimness of your thighs.
  • Printed legwear will be a good option as they'll draw the attention to your legs.
  • Grey and lighter colored pants are fine. 


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  • Trousers are great as they can make your hips looks much wider than jeans.
  • If your trousers have pleats or if you wear cargo pants, it could a give a better impression of a slightly bigger hip.
  • Chinos are a good option, as they come in soft colors and these will make your hips look bigger.


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  • Your shoulders are your highlight, so there is no doubt – you need it show it off. 
  • Tank tops will make your shoulders noticeable and that is of course – just for casual wear.
  • At the same time, if you would like to look balanced- go for V necklines or oval neck lines.
  • When you wear shirts, try well fit shirts and not those ones that hug onto to your figure.
  • Go for tees with stripes on the stomach part rather than the chest as in the Breton styling tees. Horizontal stripes from the chest downwards will give a wider appearance to your otherwise narrow waist.
  • Do not wear those fancy shirts with shoulder pads, as that would further broaden the way your shoulders look.


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  • Softer fabrics are always better than stiff ones, as soft ones would not make your shoulders look very broad.
  • Wear your jacket in an open style rather than closed. 
  • Dark colored jackets with bottoms of lighter shades will suit you very well.
  • Double-breasted jackets will be an ideal choice as your torso will look wider and proportionate with the shoulders.
  • Even when you choose suits, avoid the shoulder padding to make your shoulders look slimmer.

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