You have an oblong or a rectangular face if the width of your face remains more or less the same all the way from your hairline to your jaw. The shape of your face is like that of a rectangle- with not much of a variation from the top or the bottom. Like an oval shaped face, most people with a rectangular face have a long face, and hence they have to be quite careful while getting a haircut or accessorizing their clothes. The primary objective, for you, should be to shorten the vertical line of your face, so that it looks less severe.

Hairstyle for Oblong Face Shape

Women with an oblong face should rely on short haircuts for it might reduce the severe cuts of their face. If you are growing your hair long and you want to keep it that way, ensure that you get a hair cut with soft layers, or bangs, or a fringe. This would remove the monotony of a rectangular face. Do not go for completely straight hair- when styling your hair, just put in a few soft curls.

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Makeup tips for Oblong Face

The rectangular shaped face is quite adjustable to all kinds of makeup- the problem would depend on the kind of features you have. If you have soft features, emphasize them, so that attention is drawn away from the vertical line. If you have sharp features, just pick one aspect of your face- either your cheeks or your lips or your eyes and highlight them. Using some rouge on the cheek would really help, for it would add some width to your face.

Sunglasses for Oblong Face Shape

The main objective while choosing the right eye wear would be to increase the width of your face. In order to add the illusion of width, choose round or square shaped glasses. Wayfarers would work the best for your face. It would certainly help if your glasses have some embellishment on the side, or is in dual color, for it would add the illusion of width to your face.

Jewelry Tips for Oblong Face Shape

It would be better for you to avoid any long chains, for it would elongate your face further. The same goes for long earrings. Opt for short chains with large pendants. Chokers are the best- princess length necklaces would also work quite well. Large, short, beaded necklaces would be a wonderful option for you. Choose large round, oval or any curvaceous designs for earrings.

Famous celebrities with rectangular face shape: Jennifer Aniston, Iman, Sarah Jessica Parker.