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Tall Frame and Wider Shoulders..Wow!A Rectangle Body Shape and envy of many.

Features of Rectangle Body:

  • Yes, since the body resembles a rectangle shape and therefore your chest, waist and hips would be the same size.
  • Your torso will be like a straight block.
  • Since your shoulders and hips are of the same width, you need to dress in a way that could make the shoulders look wider.

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  • Do not go for flared jeans or pleated jeans as that would make your hips look broader than your shoulders.
  • You can also go for wide jeans, if you are older and prefer comfortable clothes.
  • Dark jeans should be your best option, to make your legs look slim and indirectly giving a broader touch to your shoulders.


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  • Straight well tailored pants are a safe go and they look for your type of figure.


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  • Trouser cuffs are a good choice as they add substance and shape to your lower half of the body.
  • Close fit trousers go well with this type of body as it does add shape and volume to the lower half, but yet not too prominently.


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  • If you create layers for your tops, go for it. It adds a better shape to the upper half of your body.
  • If you are wearing a shirt, choose wide collar ones, as it reflects a wider shoulder. High necks are great, as the chest will look wider.
  • Printed shirts, block prints are great, whereas vertical stripes are a complete no for the rectangle shape. Vertical lines make you look thinner whereas, broad prints tend to a wider shoulder line to you.


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  • Long jackets are your best bet. They will give a wider look to your shoulder and upper torso.
  • Leave the jacket open, so that your lower body looks proportionately broad too.
  • A light colored jacket when combined with dark pants, or jeans would compliment your physical structure.

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