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One of the most desirable body shapes for men. A solid upper torso, narrow hips and a thin body shape. The Rhomboid Body Shape is well-proportioned healthy figure and you can find any wardrobe to match this type of body.

Features of Rhomboid Body:

  • Upper torso is usually a bit more bigger than the other half- Lower torso.
  • The chest and shoulders happen to be quiet broad and this gives more definition to your shape.
  • The lower half of the body like hips and the waist are much narrower when compared to the top half.

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  • Take care that you wear well stitched jeans that do not need the support of a belt.
  • Remember your hips are narrow and do not wear jeans that are too tight as that makes your hips look even more slimmer.
  • A belt would further make your waist look narrow.


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  • Just like jeans, your pants also should not be too tight as that will project the narrow waist line and hip line of your body.


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  • Tight trousers are a complete no.
  • Wear dark colored trousers along with light colored shirts. This will make your legs look proportionate to your upper body.
  • Take care that your trousers meet with your ankle and shoes, This will show that both your upper and lower body are looking equal.
  • Never wear your trouser much below your waist line, as this spoils your overall look.


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You have a great body and so flaunt it with the right fitting clothes!

  • A lot of work is done by your body shape itself, so simple, elegant, both professional and casual or party tops or shirts are sufficient for you.
  • Try to wear color shades that are lighter than your pants or shorts, as that color combination gives a better and more proportionate look to your whole body.


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  • Opt for smart short jackets that end at your hips.
  • You do not need long jackets or coats, as your shape is just perfect with minimal and majestic clothing.
  • Similarly, if you are wearing suits, just pin up three of the jacket buttons and it will look great on you.

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