The triangle shaped face is one that curves upwards. This means that the jaw line is larger than the hair line in the widest point. If you have a triangle shaped face, you would certainly have to put in some effort into emphasizing the top portion of your face- if you don't do that, you are going to accentuate your jaw line even more. Here are some guidelines that would help you rock that beautiful pear shaped face structure.

Hair styles for Triangle Face

If you have a triangle shaped face, you should try cutting your hair short. It will put some emphasis on the top portion of your face by taking attention off your jaw. You could maintain a chin length hair cut with some volume on top- preferably a fringe or bangs. You should try taking a deep side part on your hair so that the hair on top your head appears more voluminous. When styling your hair, make sure that you don't make it too sleek, for then your hair would just stick to your face and not really alter the look of your face. Go for beachy waves, curls or hair that is slightly textured to get the best look.

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Makeup tips for Triangle Face Shape

If you have a triangle shaped face, you should certainly not rely on putting too much lip color. Stick with nude lip colors, for they will certainly draw attention to your chin, which is not something that would flatter your face. Rely on the right rouge to accentuate your cheek bones and certainly put on some eye makeup. It would accentuate all the right features and make you look downright stunning.

Sunglasses for Triangle Face Shape

As a woman with triangle shaped face, here are some of the sunglasses you can rely on- cat- eye frames, aviator style frames and rectangular frames are your best friends. Do not go for rimless glasses, if you are wearing prescription glasses.

Jewelry Tips for people with triangle face

A triangle shaped person should go for short necklaces that add some amount of character to soften the jaw line. If you are wearing big pendants, ensure that the chain is long. When wearing earrings, ensure that you wear only small button style ones, or earrings that have a long dangling portion, for it would draw attention away from your jaw. Do not use big, short earrings.

Famous celebrities with a triangle shaped face: Victoria Beckham, Kathy Ireland, Kelly Rowland.