Protein is a compound consisting of amino acids which are arranged in different ways. There are many different types of proteins and each performs an important function in your body. It is necessary to include adequate protein in your diet. For this reason it is necessary to know and eat protein rich foods. The most important protein rich foods include fish, meat, poultry, egg, milk and milk products. Vegetarians need to consume enough plant based proteins like soy, legume, nuts etc.

One of the essential characteristics of a balanced diet is the correct amount of protein. Of course, the correct amount varies from person to person depending on a number of factors. Your age, whether you are growing or pregnant or lactating and the level of your activity are some of the things affecting your protein input. As a general rule of thumb, it is said that an average active adult male should consume around 60 to 80 grams of proteins.

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The top 10 Protein Food

In order to include adequate protein in your diet, it is necessary to know the protein rich foods. You should also know the amount of protein you obtain from each of these foods. Since there is an argument that animal based proteins add needless calories to your diet, it is also better to find out how much calorie these protein rich foods have.

Sl. No Food source of protein Amount of protein in 100 grams Amount of calories for every gram of protein
1 Turkey and chicken breast 30g 4.5
2 Halibut, salmon, tuna 26g 4.5
3 Cheese 32g 4.7
4 Pork loins 25g 5.2
5 Lean beef 36g 5.3
6 Tofu 7g 7.4
7 Soy beans 17g 10.4
8 Eggs 13g 12
9 Yoghurt and milk 6g 18
10 Nuts and seeds 33g 15.8

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Important sources of proteins for vegetarians

It is common knowledge that animal based foods deliver much greater amounts of proteins than plant based foods. However, if you are a vegetarian, this does not mean that you will have to settle for less protein in your diet. Below are given some of the richest sources of proteins for those who are strictly vegetarian:

Protein Sources Amount of Protein
1. Low fat flat breads like tortilla 30g of protein each
2. Chick peas 16g of protein per 200g serving
3. Kidney beans 15g protein per 200g serving
4. Baked beans 12g of protein per 200g serving
5. Tofu 11g of protein per 140g of serving
6. Almonds 8g in ¼ cup of serving
7. Peanut butter 7.5g in 30g serving
8. Soy milk 7g in 8 ounces
9. Dried apricots 5g in 8 ounce
10. Avocado 5g in 8 ounces

Other significant sources of protein

The top ten sources of protein for everybody as well as those who are exclusively vegetarian have been listed above. However, there are quite a few other foods which are high in protein content. These are as follows:

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  1. Dry roasted pistachios are important sources of protein. Each 100g serving contains 21g of protein.
  2. Pine nuts are another source with 100g serving delivering 14g of proteins.
  3. Sunflower seed are one of the richest sources of protein, having 21g protein for each 100g servings.
  4. Gluten is a protein found in wheat and wheat like cereals. It delivers 75g protein in every 100g serving.
  5. Lobsters provide 26g or protein every 100g of servings.
  6. Crabs contain 19g of protein for every 100g of serving.
  7. Lentils contain 9g of protein for 100g serving.
  8. Milk and cheese are other excellent sources of protein, though milk from hybridized cows is not very rich. Instead, milk from organic sources, goat and sheep contain higher proportion of protein.

How to plan your diet to include protein rich foods?

Now that you have identified the major protein rich foods, you need to plan your diet in such a way to make sure that you are getting adequate protein. For an average active adult, one serving of protein at each of the two main meals in a day is sufficient. However, people with special requirements like growing children, pregnant women and lactating mothers and athletes are going to require higher amount of protein. The problem is that high protein is often accompanied by high proportion of fats. A 6 ounce porterhouse steak contains 40g protein, but also 38g fat including 14g of non-saturated fats.

Hence it is necessary not only to include the protein rich foods in your diet but prepare them in such a way that they are overall healthy for you. Finally, in spite of the latest trend regarding high protein low carb diet, the best nutrition is provided by a balancing act between proteins and carbohydrates.

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