Asthma is a respiratory disorder which causes the lungs to get inflamed. This in effect blocks the air passage, causing breathing problems. The chronic disease that cannot be cured entirely but definitely can be kept under a check.

What diet and lifestyle should asthma patients follow?

Asthma can be effectively controlled by following the below mentioned simple general rules. However, you should consult your physician for the best results.

Fruits and vegetables - These are a good source of vitamins C and E and beta carotene which decrease lung inflammation and swelling.

Vitamin D - Low levels of Vitamin D cause acute asthma. Milk products, eggs and salmon are rich in Vitamin D. Sun rays too are a good source of Vitamin D.

Avoid allergy generating food items - Asthmatics are more prone to food allergies. In few cases, the asthma symptoms doesn't manifest immediately only after consumption of allergic food. Asthma attacks as soon as exercising after consuming the food.

Avoid Sulphites - Sulphites are used as preservatives in packaged and frozen food, pickles and dried fruits. These also activate symptoms of asthma.

Overweight - Overweight conditions worsen asthma. Losing some weight brings about tremendous positive change in ones asthma symptoms. Eating the right amount of food is very important to maintain the weight.

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Famous personalities with asthma

Right medicine and proper awareness of asthma triggers and asthma symptoms can help one regulate his or her asthma. Also regular check-ups with the doctor and following every guideline given by him/her can do wonders. Proper regime and precautions can easily help to control asthma, as is proved time and again by famous personalities from different walks of life.

Diane Keaton, an actress, had been an asthma patient. Coincidentally, she played the role of an asthma patient who loved her cats despite them shedding dander that is known as one of the asthma triggers.

David Beckham who is one of the most famous football players is asthmatic. He had never revealed this until sometime back. This revelation has definitely provided some inspiration to many, who can now indulge in sports.

Jason Alexander who became famous with 'Seinfeld' is asthmatic too, since his childhood. Ricki Lake who had earlier been a chat-show host participated in "Dancing with the Stars". She has adult-onset asthma but she clearly proved that nothing could limit her.

How to keep asthma under control?

There are certain general guidelines that if followed can help in keeping asthma under check.

  1. Take medication as is prescribed by the doctor:

    For asthma patients it is very important to know the difference between preventer and reliever. Preventers reduce the mucus formation, the swelling and the tightening of the muscles around the airways. They gradually decrease the symptoms of asthma. Relievers on the other hand are used when one needs immediate relief. It is a poor way of keeping asthma symptoms in control.

  2. Have an action plan when asthma symptoms change:

    Asthma symptoms sometimes change. Therefore it is pertinent to know about the medications for other symptoms as well.

  3. Using a peak flow meter for the duration of troublesome periods:

    Most asthma patients, who are above the age of five, will draw benefit from using peak flow meter. It is important to take a note of these measurements and show it to the doctor.

  4. Understanding one's asthma is very important:

    One should know in detail about asthma. Its triggers, its process and asthma symptoms should be known in length.

  5. Don't overlook your symptoms:

    Asthma symptoms do not grow suddenly. It is a gradual process and therefore if the swelling and narrowing of the bronchial tubes in the lungs increase by the time medication starts it will get very late to control it later. Therefore early treatment is required. Also asthma symptoms become more prominent during daytime mostly while exercising.

  6. Avoid asthma triggers:

    There may be various asthma triggers that affect a person. It could be pet dander, pollution, cold air, or exercising that arouses asthma in a person. Therefore one needs to be fully aware of the environmental factors that affect him or her.

  7. Stay in touch with doctor:

    Contact your doctor regularly not only when the symptoms worsen but even otherwise.

Exercises that can be practiced by asthma patients

People with asthma too can exercise and perform certain physical activities to remain fit and healthy.

Activities that involve exertion for a limited time can be practiced by asthma patients such as Gymnastics, Baseball and Volleyball. But other activities that require exertion for a long time such as distance running, soccer, hockey and basketball may not be a good option. Also cold weather sports such as ice-skating and ice hockey may not be played as the ice-cold air and dry air acts as asthma triggers.

Other activities that are beneficial for asthma patients include biking, walking, or running on a treadmill.