The malignant and unrestrained division of cell is one of the features of cancer. But cancer can be numerously varied, as numerous as the different body parts. It generally owes its origin to one of the many organs of the human body, gradually affecting those around. Causes of cancer can be similarly varied.

But generally speaking environmental pollution, exposure to harmful carcinogens, dietary imbalance, obesity and hereditary factors contribute directly or indirectly contribute to cancerous formation. Unrestrained use of drugs and alcohol apart from that of tobacco smoking are some of the responsible agents.

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The following table may help guide you on different types of cancer the causes relevant to the same and organs of origin.

Cancer Type Causes Affected Area
Leukemia(Blood cancer)

Besides family history; genetic diseases and prolonged exposure to radiation are some of the causes.

Due contact with chemical compounds such as Benzene is one of the factors. As with any other cancer type smoking is one of the enhancers.

Generally originates in the tissues related to blood formation. Bone marrow is one such tissue to be affected by leukemia.

From there, It gradually affects the blood stream.

Bladder cancer

Prolonged contact with chemicals, particularly those involved in dye/paint making are more vulnerable to bladder cancer.

Imbalanced diet with dollops of fried and red meat delicacies is one of the incentives. Smoking is no less responsible.

Urinary bladder and more specifically its inner lining are usually affected.

Flat cells of the organ and those responsible for the release of mucus may also be affected.

Endometrial/ Uterine cancer

Other than genetic factors; obesity, early beginning of menstruation, late menopause and exposure to estrogen therapy are some of the other causes.

Women without children also include the risky category.

The tissue coating the uterus is affected. It originates in cells responsible for the production and release of mucus.

Breast cancer

Recent studies have unveiled the role of pills meant for birth control with regard to this cancer type. Women choosing to have children after thirty are likely to be affected more than the others.

Use of hormone therapy following menopause is one of the causative agents.

Any breast tissues may be affected. It particularly affects the milk ducts & lobules responsible for milk secretion.

Colon cancer

Dietary imbalance, diet low in fiber content and high in fat content can be one of the triggers. Colon cancer is also caused by hereditary factors.

Alcoholism and diabetes resulting in the dependency on insulin are some of the other abetting factors.

Large intestine is generally affected.
Prostate cancer

Likely to affect men in the older age category; frequent exposure/intake of anti-inflammatory drugs has been diagnosed as one of the possible causes of this cancer.

Obesity and men affected by STDs also include the risky category.

Prostate gland- a part of the masculine reproductive system, just underneath the urinary bladder is affected.

Pancreatic cancer

It is one of the types owing its occurrence to hereditary factors. Alcoholism has deals to play with regard to this cancer type.

Pancreatitis- leading to inflammatory conditions in the organ is another causative factor. Pancreatitis is also abetted by the unrestrained consumption of alcohol.

Pancreas which is one of the organs of the digestive system is affected by this cancer type.

Thyroid cancer

According to the recent research based findings, DNA that goes into the build of human genes has direct role to play with regard to the cancerous condition in the thyroid cells.

Thyroid cancer belongs to the inherited variety of cancer.

Thyroid gland which is located towards the bottom of one’s throat is affected.

Depending on the features and look of the abnormal growth, thyroid cancer may be differently categorized into four types.

Kidney/Renal cancer

Likely to affect elderly folks beyond the age of fifty; causes relevant to kidney cancer are smoking, obesity, genetic diseases and prolonged exposure to dialysis.

According to an interesting finding, people affected by hypertension are more likely to be affected by this cancer type.

Kidney an important organ which plays its part in the removal of waste is generally affected by this cancer type.

The cells coating the miniature tubes of the organ may be affected.


According to studies prolonged contact with the natural yet harmful UV rays of the sun is one of the most responsible triggers.

Family history and propensity to pick up sunburns are equally responsible.

Affects the skin and more specifically the pigmented tissue. Melanocytes are generally affected.

Pigmented tissues of the eye & that of the intestine may also be affected. It can start off in the form of a black mole.

Irrespective of the cancer type and causes relevant to the same, by and large it is observable that healthy and balanced lifestyle with insistence on the right dietary option can go a long way in preventing cancer.