Chemotherapy- an overview

Chemotherapy- is hardly alien to you and me. To put it in simple terms, it is one of the most preferred treatment options used for overcoming the deals of cancer.

The treatment option makes use of –
  • Antineoplastic drugs- to kill the growing abundance of cancerous cells.
  • Other drugs- as may be relevant to the standardized therapeutic regimen.
The treatment works
  • To curb the progression of the malignant cells.
  • In shrinking/reducing the size of a growing tumor.
  • Depending on the stage of metastasis, it can also lead to the complete destruction of malignancy.

Side effects of chemotherapy

  • Causing damage to healthy cells counts amongst its leading side effects.
  • Some of the other side effects of chemotherapy include
    • Hair loss
    • Loss of taste
    • Sores in mouth
    • Impaired vision
    • Partial/complete loss of appetite with nauseate feel.

Role of diet and chemotherapy

Cancerous growth and your immunity

Cancerous cell, which is quite different from a normally functional cell, can be beaten to the core with deals of chemotherapy. But then there are side effects of chemotherapy to grapple with. It is here that the role of diet comes into play. Chemotherapy can be a pretty stressful experience. It isn't the best of news for your body's immunity.

Diet for building immunity and for detoxifying

What you basically need is the right diet during chemotherapy that can add to the edge of your immunity. Eating for the heck of it without proper planning may be extremely damaging for your system.

If chemotherapy can cure cancer; then do remember, that immunity can be twice more effective to counter the same. There is little to doubt the role of nutrition as far as the buildup to immunity is concerned.

Your immunity can be deactivated by the following
  • An increased level of glucose
  • Similar consumption of fat
Food triggers against cancer treatment
  • When you essentially, need to detoxify, going high on common salt with abundance of sodium can add to toxicity.
  • The similar is true of common glucose.
  • Dollops of saturated fat can add to the level of estrogen, which in turn can help in the cause of cancer.
  • Junk delights are simply not the type to take the deals of a cancer ridden system.
Food your system essentially needs
  • Needs the healthy supply of health enhancing bacteria- which are congenial to your gut, adding to the edge of your overall immunity.
  • Whole grains and fiber can contribute to the sustenance of such bacteria.
  • Soya milk, yogurt and rice milk can work out fine and help balance the acidic influence of the drug ridden therapy.
  • While too much of sodium can be toxic, potassium contents of fresh nuts, fruits and leafy greens can go well with your system.
  • Green tea and the use of virgin oil as a cooking medium can be some of the health boosting additions.

Food items with anti-cancer features

Omega 3 Fatty acid

Fish oils and flaxseeds are some of the known sources of this anti-malignant chain of fatty acids.

Fresh garlic and radishes

The health enhancement chain of garlic has another edge to it as well. According to researches, garlic is supposed to prevent cancer metastasis. Interestingly, it cuts off blood supply from forming tumors.

Radish is similarly laden with anti-cancer features.

Bitter fruit items

The list includes cranberry, blackberry, watercress and strawberries. These can help detoxify your liver besides contributing positively to the supportive regimen.

Ginger to overcome nausea

Ginger is generally effective with spells of nausea. So, according to the researching as well as the medical fraternity, ginger can be a helpful input.

Teas, candies and gums with ginger extracts can be prove to be effective for patients overcoming the bouts of nausea.

Diet rules for chemo patients

To sum it all up, the diet chart for patients undergoing chemo, should abide by the following basics-

  • Four to five regular servings of stewed vegetables/ those tossed in olive or other virgin oil.
  • Food free of seasoning may not be a bad idea.
  • To help appease your system from the bouts of chemo, you need to have food which is essentially bland, soft and properly stewed. Such a scheme will suit, to soothe the strains of mouth flares and sores.
  • To add to the counts of palate, look for garnishing in coriander, ginger or plain yogurt.
  • If fruits or salads made out of raw fruits add to the counts of acidity, you need to have them stewed. Watermelon can be one of the acid free additions.
  • But, it is always advisable to take some of the bitter fruit items in small quantities.