Before proceeding to the various treatment techniques available for Epididymitis, let us take a brief look at how it is being diagnosed at earlier and later stages.

If the physical examination reveals that there is redness, warmth and swelling of the scrotum and the testicles are in normal vertical position, then the patient can be said to be suffering from Epididymitis. This has to be confirmed through various other tests.The epididymitits can be distinguished from the testicular torsion on the basis of cremasteric reflex (upon stroking of the inner thigh the cremaster muscles will contract and testicles will be pulled on the side being stroked ), and in the case of Epididymitis the cremasteric reflex remains normal.

The standard medical health care system involves the Doppler ultrasound test for examination of Epididymitis. It can highlight the areas of blood flow and can give a clear indication of whether the person is suffering from cancer or torsion or Epididymitis.

More tests may need to be undertaken to analyze the exact cause of Epididymitis. These tets differ from age group to age group. For adolescent boys, urinary tracts are basically examined for the presence of fecal organisms. For adults there can be examination of sexually transmitted diseases. This involves microscopy and examination of the urine samples, gram stain or culturing or urethral fluid, the nucleic acid might be multiplied to detect the DNA of the causative organism.

Treatment of Epididymitis

Various methods adopted for treatment of Epididymitis are as follows:

  1. Antibiotics for Epididymitis :
    • In maximum cases the antibiotics are first given to the patient, which are successful enough to cure mild Epididymitis. These antibiotics are Azithromycin (Doxycycline) or Cefixime, which are effective over both the main causative organisms like Chlamydia and gonorrhea. As per the guidelines of CDC, one must consume Ceftriazone 250 IM in a single dose plus Doxycycline 100 mg orally twice a day for minimum ten days consecutively.
    • To cure the infection of E.Coli, Ofloxacin or Levofloxacin are eaten. Particularly for children co-trimoxazole or suited Penicillins (for example, Cephalexin) are used. These must be taken twice in a day for 10-14 days.
    • Another effective medication is Doxazosin (which focuses on curing the prostrate).
    • The course of medicines may however be changed for each patient depending upon the resistance of disease causing organisms.
    • Do not consume antibiotics in excess, it will prove to be fatal for your liver.
    • For acute Epididymitis improvement can be seen in two to three days; however it may take a week or even months for completely resolving the swelling and pain.
    • Follow doctor’s instructions to take complete bed rest. Tuberculosis Epididymitis do not get resolved easily and may take months to do so. Apart from this, the testicle may shrink in size. Amidarone Epididymitits gets better with each dosage and can be completely cured once the course of medicines is over. Same goes for chemical Epididymitits. In case of mumps Epididymitits, pain may be completely gone but it leaves the testicles to diminish in size (atrophy). The most difficult case to deal with is of chronic Epididymitits, treatment may extend up to years involving medication or Epididymectomy (removal of Epididymis).
  2. Homemade remedies/natural remedies for Epididymitis :
    For relieving the pain temporarily, you can use household remedies like elevation of scrotum and cold compresses (place ice bags in the area affected). In cases of hospitalization due to severe pain, pain killers or anti-inflammatory drugs can be used. This is basically recommended for non-infectious causes.
  3. Surgical methods for Epididymitis :
    If the infection is not cured at the right time then severe complications may develop which can only be cured through a surgery. Surgical removal of epididymis has high risk of causing sterility and can relive pain only in 50% cases. And after weeks only the pain may seem to get better. Do go for a regular check up to your doctor to keep the level of infection under control.