Hairs, for a human being, in an important body part, that apart from serving to many biological needs of the functioning of body , is also a significant add on to the appearance of an individual, both men and women. After all, who does not want health , strong and glowing hair that adds on to the beauty of a personality. Hair growth is observed all over the body except palms, lips and feet soles. The growth pattern definitely varies between genders and also between person to person in the same gender. Hair growth is affected by many factors like genetic factors, nourishment received by the body and other environmental factors like pollution , and weather conditions.

Stating the biological aspect of hair growth, the hairs that we see on head or any part of the body have the same growing pattern. Hair emerges from hair root, this is the portion beneath the skin where cells combine together to form keratin, which is the protein that the hair is composed of. The hair root lies inside atubular structure called follicle.

An average human being has about 5 million hairs. We lose a lot of hair daily but as long as we are healthy new hair keeps growing.

Apart from being a major beauty enhancing agent, hairs helps us keep warm, filters the dust particles from the air we breathe, and also protects the eyes and ears from harmful environmental agents like dust particles and suspensions.

Hair Fall, Causes of Hair Fall

Hair fall is a very common hair related problem, by which a large number of people are affected all over the globe. This condition basically arises due to the shrinking of the hair follicle which is present at the root of the hairs. The problem might seem to be ordinary and maybe neglected by many people but If proper care is not taken as per the severity, then it may lead to further thinning of hair and eventually baldness. The common causes of hair fall are the following.

  • Illness or major surgery.
  • Hormonalim balances in males or females. Hair fall can often be attributed to a over active or under active thyroid gland. Medically diagnosing and correcting it may improve the condition.
  • Post pregnancy after having a baby, many women experience hair fall due to hormonal factors.
  • Certain medicines may also cause hair fall if taken over a longer period of time. These include anti - depressants, medicines for heart problems or high blood pressure, birth control pills etc.
  • Certain scalp infections.
  • Due to some underlying disease like diabetes or lupus.

Hair Fall Treatment

Depending on the type of the hair fall, treatments are available to alleviate the problem to certain extent. Recognizing the cause of hair fall is the first step towards prevention. If there is certain medicine that the individual is taking which is causing the problem an alternate medicine can be prescribed by the doctor. Correcting hormonal imbalances or treatment of scalp infection , if found, can help stop the condition of hair fall. Medicines like minoxidil and finasteride are also available with prescription for arresting the situation.

Hair Graying - Causes and Treatments

Gray hair condition is very prevalent in the current times. Earlie , graying of hair was supposed to be related with only one condition that is aging, but in modern times many youngsters and middle aged individuals can be found to have developed gray hairs.

This condition arises when the hair follicles are unable to add color to the hair or there is a deficiency of inherent melanin in the body .Melanin is the component that is responsible for imparting color to the hair, a lack of which means the hair growth will happen without color, giving rise to the condition. Following are the commonly believed reasons:

  • Excessive stress or anxiety.
  • Aging, as it reduces body's capacity to produce melanin.
  • Certain kind of illness or drugs.
  • Smoking

Prevention of gray hair might not be very easy to achieve because it might depend on several factors that might not be under our direct control like hereditary factors. None the less, it is recommended to follow a healthy life style, good eating habits and good sleeping habits, which may delay the process. Some natural remedies are believed to help in the condition. Also, dyes and colors are available in the market which may provide temporary effects.

Hair Growth

If the hair loss is due to aging reasons, then nothing much can be done about it, medication are available to delay the process but preventing it to happen is not possible in such a case.

Hair lost due to cancer treatment like chemo therapy, can be cured by the medical practitioner using some medicines. On taking medicines in this case, hair growth can be observed.

Apart from this some natural remedies are also believed to help hair growth in curable conditions.