In the world of today, Asthma is one of the most common occurring diseases. It can occur in one's childhood or can also affect one in his/her adulthood. The chronic breathing problem caused by asthma can be kept successfully under check. There are various causes that may affect one with asthma. These causes can be related to one's job environment, lifestyle, and diet and may also be hereditary.

What is occupational asthma?

There are certain jobs that expose the employees to dusts or fumes and are hazardous for the health. Such jobs cause asthma in their employees. This kind of asthma is known as occupational asthma.

This type of asthma can be easily taken care of by leaving the hazardous job environment. Only concern is that it needs to be detected in its early phase. Also the asthma needs to be triggered by factors in the job environment only and should not be caused by other factors as well. A point to note is that this is the only kind of asthma that can be cured unlike any other type.

However, there is a downside to occupational asthma. The longer a person is exposed to the factors in the workplace that cause this kind of asthma the greater the chances are of making the asthma permanent.

Sometimes work aggravate respiratory symptoms of people who already have asthma. There are times when one is not an asthma patient but a sudden leakage of chemical develops asthma in him or her. Sometimes prolonged usage of a chemical substance does not cause any symptoms of asthma until suddenly.

In medical science there are a total of 400 or more substances that have been considered to be causes of occupational asthma.

Jobs or kinds of industries and substances that have the risk of causing asthma, more precisely occupational asthma, are enlisted below:

  • Food processing- coffee bean dust
  • Poultry farmers- poultry droppings and mites
  • Bakers- flour dust
  • Grain workers- storage mites and pollen
  • Veterinarians- pet dander
  • Carpenters- wood dust
  • Welding- stainless steel fumes
  • Plating- nickel salt

How lifestyle causes asthma?

Lifestyle too plays a major role in developing asthma. There are too many factors that we expose ourselves to due to our lifestyle that makes us more prone to asthma.

  1. Smoking - This is considered one of the major causes of asthma. People who smoke are prone to lung diseases, later developing asthma. Second-hand smoke too is enough for one to develop this disease. Smoking or only frequently visiting smoky bars or such other places can cause asthma.
  2. Obesity and no exercises - People who lead an unhealthy life by eating excessively and not being bothered by their weight gain tend to become obese. By not associating oneself with any sort of strenuous or light physical activity one only becomes more unfit. Excessive weight gain worsens asthma.
  3. Food - Food allergies may cause mild asthma or even severe asthma conditions. Preservatives in frozen food packets and in tinned food items are harmful for the body. Also all sulphite additives are harmful.
  4. Stress - Stress is another cause of asthma. Both go hand in hand and thus any sort of emotional outburst, be it anger, yelling or anxiety due to one's lifestyle may cause asthma.
  5. Indoor lifestyle - Children mostly stay indoors playing games over their PlayStations. This results in lack of Vitamin D which is derived from the sunrays which in turn makes them more susceptible to asthma.