Innovative research in laser by the famous Indian scientist, Dr. Mani Bhaumik led to the invention of LASIK surgery, a boon to millions who need to go through the surgical procedure of natural lens removal and artificial lens implantation. Given below is the information on LASIK Eye Surgery and the procedure involved in Lasik surgery. Also know about the cost involved in Lasik surgery.

LASIK - Laser in-situ keratomileusis

LASIK is the acronym for Laser in-situ keratomileusis . This means using laser under the flap of cornea or in situ corrects the shape of the cornea or keratomileusis. Using a highly sophisticated laser or excimer laser the doctors correct refractive errors, improves the patient’s vision and reduces or eliminates the need for wearing glasses or contact lenses. The cornea by the way is a transparent covering of the eye in the front. This form of surgery was developed by Loannis Pallikaris a surgeon from Greece in the year 1991.

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A deformity in the cornea or the lens causes a lack of proportion in the eye which leads to blurred vision typically called the Refractive Error. Laser corrects refractive errors but what are the types of refractive errors? They are basically Myopia or nearsightedness, Hyperopia or far sightedness, Astigmatism or blurry vision. While spectacles and contact lens can be the answer for the same yet wearing a discomforting load on one’s nose or carrying a foreign body in your eye can be irritating and frustrating to a person, hence, Lasik surgery was pressed into operation as the need of the hour.

Cost of LASIK Surgery

The cost of LASIK surgery varies from country to country. Also there are several factors which determine the cost of Lasik Surgery and other Laser Eye Surgeries. For example, equipments used in the surgery, experience and goodwill of the doctor etc. The Lasik surgery costs between $1200 and $2600 for one eye.

Like any scientific inventions which carries benefits and counter hazards this form of surgery is not an exception. One must thus make oneself fully educated about the pros and cons of this surgery before exposing oneself to the hands of the surgeon. The cost of surgery should also be taken into account when considering which form of surgery one should opt for.