Tulsi or holy basil leaf is a herb that has been known in India for the past 5000 years. It is a herb that is known to have therapeutic and medicinal properties. The tulsi herb leaves can be mixed with tea to make a wonderful drink that can be helpful in leading a healthy life.

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Why should one mix tulsi in their tea?

  1. It improves stamina and boosts the immune system
  2. It can reduce inflammation and reduce fever as well.
  3. It provides amazing support to the liver, heart and the lungs.
  4. It has anti-viral, antibiotic and anti- fungal properties.
  5. It acts as an efficient anti- aging supplement.

Health benefits of Tulsi Tea

Drinking Tulsi Tea can have the following benefits:

  1. It can reduce your fever
  2. It can stop vomiting, cramps, cough and pain
  3. It is good for the digestive system
  4. It is good for dental hygiene
  5. It helps maintain blood sugar level.

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How to prepare Tulsi Tea ?

Here's how you prepare a good cup of tulsi tea:

  1. Bring some water to boil in a pan.
  2. Drop the tulsi leaves and the tea leaves into the pan once the water is boiled. You could use cardamom, peppermint or any other spice if you want, as well.
  3. Add milk to the mixture, if you want. Then pour this concoction through a strainer so that the leftover leaves are removed. Pour the strained tea into cups and serve them while hot. It would be healthier to drink the tea without sugar, but you can add sugar according to needs.
  4. Your cup of tea with tulsi is ready. Integrating this into your daily diet would certainly make you much more healthier than you're now!

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