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Mental Health is connected to our brain, our emotional and psychological well being. The more healthier, the better we can manage our emotional mood swings, handle stress and depression. Mental health is the manner in which we react to various situation in life- and they could be good, happy, sad, or even disastrous. The more sensibly we handle the situations rather than being perplexed- is a clear indicator of how strong we can be in our mind.

Contributory factors to mental health

Many factors do contribute directly or indirectly to our mental health:

  1. Hereditary family occurrences of such similar health problems.
  2. Any traumatic experiences in life like disasters or any for of abuse.
  3. Aspects of brain chemistry and other genetic parameters can take part in determining the mental health.

Solace to Mental Health Problems

You need not worry if you feel you are suffering from mental health, because there are few positive aspects that can certainly brighten up your thoughts.

Remember that this is no dangerous disease.

If you feel, you are not able to cope with problems in life, first sit and take a deep breath. Think reasonably- do you need to sink down along with the problem or do you get up and tackle it.

Of course, most of us want to tackle it! But – truly sometimes the emotions to withstand the pressures are beyond our control.

This is when you need to talk about it to your family, loved ones and best to a counsellor or a psychiatrist.

Mental problems like depression, fear and uneasiness in your mind can all be treated provided you speak out your fears to someone and accept the fact that you need treatment.

A basic point all of you have to keep in mind: The mind has to accept any treatment that it undertakes – both for the mind and the body. Once the mind has accepted- the effects of the medicine and treatment will work on the individual.

This theory holds good for all types of treatment that ranges from mental health to even ayurvedic treatments and also cancer treatments.

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