A typical slang in Shakespearean era was “Blue eyed Hag” meaning an ugly evil looking lady with dark circle under her eyes. This example is enough to show that people of all ages irrespective of sex hate dark circles that subdue their outlook and make them look ugly and fatigued. But what are the causes of dark circles?

Dark circles are caused due to various reasons. Often heredity causes dark circles. People who are born with thinner skins under their eyes often expose the dark veins underneath and they appear as dark circles. Fatigue and shortage of sleep also causes dark circles. Sinus problems and pregnancy are also causes of dark circles. The bony structure of the skull into which eyes are deeply set can also develop shadows typically called the dark circles. As sunlight increases the pigmentation level it causes under eye tanning and thus dark circles. Some medications cause dilated blood vessels which when revealed through the lighter under eye skins seem to be dark and cause dark circles.

Shortage of some essential nutrients in diet can also cause dark circles. Hormonal imbalances as a product of menstruation, pregnancy or menopause can also cause dark circles. The skin under the eyes also turns dark as we advance in age.

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Now if there are thousand reasons to develop dark circles are, there not ways to cure such and that too natural? Fortunately yes. The natural remedies are available at hand.

Natural treatment & home remedies to cure dark circles

Given below are some effective dark circles home remedy. The treatment methods listed below are natural treatment for dark circles. This also include a few healthy lifestyle and diet plans too.

  • Cucumber is a very good astringent and skin toner. Grate cucumber in a food processor or by hand and squeeze the juice out. Dip two cotton balls in it and apply in on the dark circles on the eyes. Leave it for some time before removing. This not only relaxes eyes but removes dark circles
  • Mix equal quantities of cucumber juice with lemon juice. Apply it with the help of a cotton ball over the affected skin. Leave for fifteen minutes and then wash off with cold water. Follow this remedy for a week and notice the difference.
  • Potato instead of cucumber can be taken and the same process can be applied to remove dark circles
  • Lemon juice, orange lentil flour, puree of tomato and turmeric paste when blended and applied on the eyes and are left for quarter of an hour is a very good remedy for dark circles. It must be washed off after the period.
  • Drinking of plain drinking water about fifteen glasses per day is also an effective remedy.
  • Vegetables and fruits which are fresh and are rich in fibrous contents keep the system clear of toxins and thus prevent dark circles under the eyes.
  • A sleep of at least seven to eight hours is necessary for a healthy man. A lack of sleep can also cause dark circles.
  • What can be more effective remedy than to allow the body to cure by its own? For this one must practice yoga as well as meditation that keep the mind and body relaxed and enhance skin glow besides removing dark circles. Sarvang-asana, jal- neti and sutra- neti are known to be effective in this regard.
  • A person having sweet tooth is more prone to dark circles so one must practice self penance and abstain from consuming any sort of chocolate and sweets.
  • Cotton balls dipped in rose water and then placed on the eyes and left for some time does the miracle of curing or removing the dark circles.

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  • Application of cold tea bags on the affected eyes and leaving it for a moment is an effective way of removing dark circles.
  • Mint leaves paste added to tomato juice and then applied on the dark circles also cures them effectively.
  • Almond oil has been a time tested remedy for dark circles. Apply some drops of oil and rub it around the dark circles. Leave it over night. Repeat the process daily until one is cured of the dark circles.
  • A dollop of cream applied under the eye , left for a brief period and then washed off also does the wonder of removing dark circles under the eyes.
  • Vitamin C and Iron are said to be the essential food supplements for removing dark circles. De-skinned chicken, pepper of red, yellow and orange variety are very good for removing the dark circles and thus enhance beauty.
  • One can even apply cream rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin C for reducing the dark circles around the eyes.
  • Abstinence from smoking, drinking, eating junk foods and maintaining a disciplined lifestyle helps in removing dark circles from under the eyes.
  • Chemical bleach can damage the under eye skin causing dark circles so one should not bleach but replace it with some natural face packs that do not harm under eye skins.
  • Drinking of fruit juice devoid of preservative and in its natural form also helps heal dark circles.

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The oodles of remedies mentioned above will surely help a depressed soul recover from dark circles and live life that is full of vibrancy and appreciation.