The risk factors of Parkinson's disease helps people determine the people who have higher chances of getting this disease. A lot of study has been done about Parkinson's disease but not enough for people to be able to pinpoint the main reason for the disease. In such a situation, knowing the risk factors of Parkinson's disease would help people determine a broad identification of people who might have higher risk of contracting the disease. This is an important factor that can determine recovery from Parkinson's Disease. Read more on Demographics affected by Parkinson's Disease.

The risk factors are as follows:

  1. Age: There are very rare cases of a young adult developing Parkinson's Disease. It is most commonly found among men who are of the middle to late ages of life. The older a person gets, the higher the chances are that they will get Parkinson's Disease. There are a very few chances for people who have a history of neural damage or Parkinson's disease in their family to have the disease.
  2. Sex: This is one of the most important risk factors of Parkinson's disease. For reasons unknown it has already been determined that males have a higher probability of getting Parkinson's Disease than females. This may be because oestrogen has some impact on the neural protection enabled by the body. There are also researches that say X chromosome might play a larger role in protecting people against the disease than the Y chromosome.
  3. History: Recovery from Parkinson's Disease and acquiring the disease itself could depend on the family history of the person. People who have a history of neural diseases or Parkinson's Disease in their family would have a higher chance of succumbing to the disease.
  4. Oestrogen: A pseudo relationship has been found between oestrogen and Parkinson's Disease. There are a few people who are of the opinion that post-menopausal women who use hormone replacement have a greater chance of developing the disease than those who have not undergone such a therapy.
  5. Nature of work: People who work in agricultural fields have a higher chance of developing the disease. This is because of the fact that they are exposed to many natural conditions and chemicals that can prove to be harmful.
  6. Genetic conditions: A gene called "alpha-synuclein" has been found to be one of the biggest risk factors. In fact, this gene can increase a person's chances of acquiring the disease by around one and a half times. This genetic relation has led to the development of gene suppression therapies, which can increase the rate of recovery from Parkinson's disease.
  7. Head trauma: Trauma to the head, neck, spine, upper cervical spine etc. have found to be a big cause of Parkinson's disease. In fact, a considerably large percentage of people with Parkinson's are seen to have experienced some form of head or neck trauma.

Knowing the risk factors of Parkinson's Diseaseis certainly going to help people come up with treatment that would speed up recovery from Parkinson's disease.


 The article provides an insight into the risk factors of Parkinson's Disease. Thus providing an understanding as to who are more susceptible to the disease.