Ovulation kits help women to know the exact time and date she will be fertile. Couples may use these kits to improve the chances of conception.

Pros of Ovulation Prediction Kits

1. Most precise  way to monitor ovulation

Ovulation prediction kits are error free and more precise when compared to than other methods of monitoring ovulation, with 97 percent effective in detecting an LH surge.

2. Most Convenient procedure

Ovulation prediction kits can be used only in the middle of your cycle when you would be most likely to ovulate. Other methods need daily commitment.

3. Most Readily Available

Ovulation prediction kits are easily available and you can get them at almost alll drugstores, pharmacies,major supermarkets and convenience stores.

4. Easy to Use

Ovulation prediction kits ease to use make it a whole worth product. You need to simply urinate on the test stick that activates a chemical to detect your LH surge. Most OPKs packs contain between five and nine test sticks.