Find out how to call international numbers or make international calls from your cell phone or land phone. Given here is the procedure to make international calls along with the International Dialing Codes and area codes you need to prefix to get an overseas call connected.

To know how to make an international call between two countries, enter the name of both the countries (country to which and country from which you need to make the call) in the form given below and click 'Show Dialing Format'.

Enter Country Names To Know Dialing Format

International calling & International dialing codes

To direct call international numbers, the caller must first dial the International Direct Dial (IDD) Code or International Access Code. IDD is the international prefix used to make overseas calls from a country. This is followed by the country code and the recipient's telephone number (including area code)

An Example of International dialing format is :
IDD + Country Code + Area Code + Receipient's Number

Things to Remember while Calling International Numbers

  • Find out whether you are calling a Cell Phone number or a Land line Number. International Cell phone calling charges are usually higher than land line charges.
  • Check with your telephone service provider and make sure you have international calls enabled on you cellphone/landphone.
  • Make sure you dial the International access number or IDD (international direct dial) code to secure an international line from your telephone carrier.
  • Omit the number '0' which appears before the local area code while dialing international numbers.
  • Know the time at the recipient's country in order to make sure you are not disturbing him by calling him during untimely hours.