Technology with its requisite portals and utilitarian interface has revolutionized the avenues of communications, narrowing down the physical limits of manmade barriers. Overseas calls can be easily facilitated at the drop of a hat. With different avenues of communications thrown up, one can make use of several channels of communications.

Direct Dialing

International calls by way of Direct Dialing can be easily made with the requisite combinations of overseas call prefix, respective country code followed by that of city code. Finally one has to dial the local number involved. Usually country code varies with regard to variations in geographical locations, depending whether one is trying to reach out to a cellular phone or a land phone. Relevant country code and area code usually vary between one to three digits.

An Example of International dialing format is :
IDD + Country Code + Area Code + Recipient's Number

While making calls via mobiles, one has to include ' + ' sign before the country code. Of course it varies from set to set with some of them requiring the use of ' - '.

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP

Commonly referred to as Voice over Internet Protocol or simply VoIP happens to be one of the sophistications of information technology. By virtue of this technology, internet facilitates the telephone connection instead of the same being communicated via land line. Marking an amalgam of information technology with that of electronic communication, VOIP involves a similar layout of dialing as that used in land phones. VoIP is an efficient method for making cheap international calls.

Phone Cards or International Calling Cards

To counter the expenses involved in making international cellular phones, Phone Cards or International Calling Cards may come as viable options. With cells based on GSM technology, one can avail of the option of going for country specific SIM card. By using international cards on cells, one needs to reach out through the local access number followed by the pin outlined in the card. Thereafter one needs to follow the standardized format meant for overseas connection. There are special cards with roaming option whereby you can also avail of a ‘VoIP’ facility through mobile phones.

Call Back Services

One can also avail of overseas call by registering their calls through Call Back Services. It may be cellular, VoIP or landline connection which may go in for registration with any of the widely availing call back services. After due registration of the overseas phone number, you will be given an access to a local number so that you can activate the call back service. The call back interface will then give you the desired connection.

Overseas call by means of conference connection may be another desirable option. With the availability of special access number, one can connect internationally.

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To know dialing codes for international calls between two countries, enter the name of both the countries (country to which and country from which you need to make the call) in the form given below and click 'Show Dialing Format'.

Enter Country Names To Know Dialing Format
Enter Country Names To Know Dialing Format