Given below is the complete list of area codes in South Korea. The table below shows all the 16 area codes in South Korea. South Korea area codes usually have 1 or 2 digits. While calling South Korea from abroad, you need to dial the ISD code followed by the area code and finally the phone number.

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Given below is a list of area codes for calling South Korea's major cities/regions.

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* The number withing bracket is the trunk prefix and this number is to be ignored while calling South Korea from another country. Trunk prefix is to be dialed along with area code only when calling within South Korea

#Area NameArea Code
1 Busan (0)51
#Area NameArea Code
1 Cheju-Do (0)64
2 Chulla-Buk Do (Province) (0)63
3 Chulla-Nam Do (Province) (0)61
4 Chungchong-Buk Do (Province) (0)43
5 Chungchong-Nam Do (Province) (0)41
#Area NameArea Code
1 Dae-Jun (0)42
2 Daegu (0)53
#Area NameArea Code
1 In-Chun (0)32
#Area NameArea Code
1 Kangwon-Do (Province) (0)33
2 Kwang-Ju (0)62
3 Kyonggi-Do (Province) (0)31
4 Kyoung-Sang-Buk Do (Province) (0)54
5 Kyoung-Sang-Nam Do (Province) (0)55
#Area NameArea Code
1 Seoul (0)2
#Area NameArea Code
1 Ulsan (0)52