Kerala, as a state, came into existence on November 1, 1956. It then consisted of only 5 districts. The number of districts later increased to 14. Kasargod was the last district to be created. The districts are divided into Taluks which are subdivided into villages. At present there are 63 Taluks and 1452 villages. With total area of 4480 sq km, Palakkad is the largest district in Kerala, followed by Idukki with total area of 4479 sq km. Alappuzha with an area of 1414 sq. km, is the smallest and is the only district in Kerala without any area under forest cover.

In February 1990, the Government of Kerala passed an order changing the names of 6 districts and some other places. The old names from its pronunciation in English accent was changed to Malayalam. The table give below give the old and new names of Kerala districts.

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All the districts of Kerala have their own unique tourist attraction. Coastal districts of Kerala are ideal tourist destination as they have some of the finest beaches in the world. Also coastal districts of Kerala, especially Alleppey, Kottayam (Kumarakom) and Ernakulam are famous for backwater tourism. District like Idukki and Wayanad of Kerala offers excellent destinations for adventure tourism. Wildlife safaris and trekking are some of the major tourism attractions of Kerala's mountainous districts