Kerala is abundantly blessed with water resources. There are over 40 rivers in Kerala which forms a major source of water resource for the state. There are also over 30 dams and reservoirs in Kerala. 18 of these dams in Kerala are big dams and the water from these dams are used for generating electricity and for irrigation purposes.

Location of Kerala Dams and Reservoirs

Kerala Dams, Dams in Kerala

Idukki Dam covering an area of 61.60 square kilometers is the biggest dam in Kerala. It is also one of the tallest arch dam in Asia. Other major Kerala dams are Malampuzha dam, Kakki reservoir, Thenmala dam (Parappar Dam), Neyyar dam etc... Another major dam is Banasura Sagar Dam in Wayanad district of Kerala. It is largest earthen dam in India and the second largest in Asia.

Mullaperiyar Dam : Map showing location of Mullaperiyar Dam and the area that could be affected in case of a disaster.