Kids play with toys during the launch of German Toys and Child
Care brands by Kidskinder Dreams India at a Hotel in Bengaluru on August
19, 2013. (Photo::: IANS) Image Source: IANS

Kids play with toys during the launch of German Toys and Child Care brands by Kidskinder Dreams India at a Hotel in Bengaluru on August 19, 2013. (Photo::: IANS)

Kids, especially pre-school kids, find it impossible to remain inactive and calm. They need activities all the time they are awake. Trying to pick up things, explore toys and tools by touching or biting etc., are favorite activities of kids. They can be kept quite with no tips and tricks. He only effective way is to make them engaged in effective activities.

There are several positive methods of keeping kids active and engaged. Do not just leave them alone to find activities for themselves as such an approach will develop an unwanted feeling in kids and later lack of attachment with everybody. Whenever kids are made busy with some activity, it should be under the close supervision of parents.

Kids may miss-do certain activities and endanger their lives like swallowing toy fragments. Parents should train kids to complete the activity and avail them with the necessary tools for the activity.

Child at play Image Source: Xinhua/Wang Ying/IANS

Creating different shapes are interesting activities for kids of all age groups. A medium should be availed for kids to experiment with molding and creating shapes. Play dough is an example for the medium. Play dough can be shaped in any form. Kids can be asked to form the dough into human and animal shapes. This will develop the creativity of kids into larger extents.

Playing with building blocks is another option of keeping kids busy with creative designs. Provide them with interlocking building blocks which can be converted into any desired shape. This activity will serve the purpose of increasing the cognitive skills of kids.

You can make your kids busy with real life imitations. There are several activities and games that imitate real life situations. Asking kids to imitate a phone call, making them busy with imitative kitchen activities, asking them to play the role of a teacher etc., are practical examples of the real life activities for kids. Let them feel that they are old enough to handle real life activities through such games. Such games will help them to learn important information on day today life. Through the games the parents can teach them of the basics of handling different equipments and tools.

Another way of making kids busy with interesting activity is to ask them to make usable things. You can provide your kids with beads and thread and ask them to make a necklace according to their creativity. You can give those beads in all the colors. In the same way you can train them to make various objects with available raw materials. Different colors, different shapes etc., will help the kids to learn the basic structure of all the daily use tools.

This also will bring out the artistic capabilities of kids. Paper is a great raw material when the kid's activities are concerned. Paper makes the most inexpensive raw material. Give piece of paper for kids and ask them to make shapes, flowers etc., out of it. If necessary you can give a bit of training too. Teach them to make puppets out of different raw materials; this will be fun and great activity for kids.

BRUSSELS, Dec. 10, 2017 - Kids play after a heavy snow at a park in Brussels, Belgium, Dec. 10, 2017. Image Source: Xinhua/Ye Pingfan/IANS

BRUSSELS, Dec. 10, 2017 - Kids play after a heavy snow at a park in Brussels, Belgium, Dec. 10, 2017.

Teach kids to enjoy the nature. Take them for bird watching or for outdoor trips. Introduce all the objects like different trees, birds water etc., to them. Frequent outdoor expeditions with kids will help to develop a nature friendly attitude in kids. Teach them the names of trees and birds and ask them to memorize the names. This activity is a training to prepare your kid for future schooling and mental activities. Asking them to remember the names of birds or natural objects will develop sharper brains. They may remember the names of natural objects easily as they are familiar with them.

There are several mental ability activities suitable for the kids to do. Activities like arranging objects according to shapes and colors, completing a shape with interlocking puzzles, arranging paper pieces to get the full picture printed on the pieces etc... are simple examples of the mental ability activities of kids. Such activities will make the children to use their thinking capacity and logical skills, which later help them to have sharp brains and smart skills.

Including kids in household activities is another positive way of keeping them busy. You can just ask them to clean their bed or arrange their study table. Ask them to arrange the flowerpot in a beautiful way. You can include then in the activities in kitchen too, by asking them to take a particular vegetable or kitchen tool. This activity will help kids to learn the names of all the vegetables and household equipments.