Certain skills and knowledge are essential to lead struggle-free life. Kids should be trained with some of such skills. Infancy and childhood are perfect time for helping children to acquire all the essential skills as they learn fast whatever taught to them. The basic skills can be classified into two as lifesaving skills and social living skills.

Children should possess the knowledge and skill of saving his /her life as well that of others in emergency situations. They should also learn the basic social living skills to become acceptable social beings. Parents are the best teachers to teach them such essential skills. Some of these are physical, but many are mental. Let us see some of the most important skills a child should learn and acquire in the very childhood itself.

Tips on Life Savings Skills for Children

Lifesaving skills do not mean first aid practices or other medical emergency acts. The word 'life saving' may make people generate a misconception. Particular skills, like learning to swim or observing the nature and recognizing dangerous phenomena, can help children to be safer in adverse situations. The essential skills help a child to be safe and healthy when he/she is away from practical help.

Teach kids activities like swimming, cycling etc., at the childhood. Teach them to call for help when they are in danger. Anything in nature can put kids in danger; water, fire wind or falling objects can endanger the life and health of children. It is most important to teach kids to stay away from deadly situations. Tell them how water or fire can destroy life and train them the ways of escaping from such critical situations.

Today, mobile phones and communication methods are widely used and at every corner such equipments can be found. Teach kids how to make a phone call and make them remember the telephone numbers of parents and also that of emergency services. This will help kids to initiate help when they are in dangerous situations. Children need to deal carefully with wild or violent animals, strangers etc... Tell them the ways of avoiding all such unsafe elements and bestow them with the basic skills of dealing with them.

Teaching Socializing Skills to Children

Once children are equipped with lifesaving skills; next comes the essential social living skills. If counted the priority, teaching children social living skills are more important than life saving knowledge as a life threatening situation is only a chance, but they need to deal with the society everyday and every moment of life. Social mingling skills, organizational skills, teamwork skills, critical thinking skills, communication skills etc., are the most important social living skills.

Excelling in such skills will help kids to become mature and successful personalities in the society. Human growth is not just physical but it is an integrated development of physical, mental and social skills. Helping kids to acquire social skills will make them confident enough and also get them equipped well with all the basic tools to meet life and succeed in it.

Friendship Skills For Children

Skills of friendship are most important among the socializing abilities. No human person can live isolated in the modern society as the growth, development and accomplishment of human life is depended on society. It is through friends we cherish our social needs of human company and human support.

In the primitive stages, even human beings lived isolated and lonely, just like animals. But later, we discovered the benefits of social life and today we are very much bound to it. Being social animals we have to live mingled, adjust with each other and respecting mutually. Teach your kids to select similar-minded friends and train them to respect the feelings of friends.

How to Develop Critical Thinking Skills in Children

Critical thinking skills are must to have quality for every human being. Parents need to develop the proper thinking patterns in children as the thinking is the base to future developments and success in life. Teach them to think positively and critically. Critical thinking is not destructive thinking as the common misconception goes. It is in fact evaluative thinking to analyze and determine what is good and bad for them. Thinking also helps kids to excel in academic levels as proper thinking is the key to powerful memory and sharper intelligence.

Teamwork skills and organizational skills come next in array. Teach kids the importance of living as social beings and convince them of the benefits of cherishing friendships. Whenever possible take them outdoors and allow them to play with same-aged kids. Take them for parties and functions. All these will make kids observe and learn accepted social behaviors and manners.