The growth and development of children is the sole responsibility of parents. They are the most important factors that can influence children to grow as responsible, mature and successful human beings. Good parenting is maintaining best possible relationships with children and at the same time grooming them by pruning off all the negative attitudes and behavioral abnormalities.

Communication and interpersonal activities are the best modes of maintaining the proper relationship with kids and influencing the positively. There are several activities parents and children can work out together. Getting involved in the activities of children help parents to know them better and sustain the affectionate relationship with them.

Benefits of parent child activities

Parents are the people a child depends on everything in life and they are the people a child learns life from. Parental involvement in the activities of children will help them to be confident enough and smart enough. Such activities are occasions for parents to know their children more deeply.

Each kid may exhibit different levels of mental development, various skills and various passions. Being with them and spending time together will help parents to know the kid well and also to decide how the child should be handled. Activities together are the right opportunity for parents to determine what is lacking for their children.

Do not be the master in games and other activities with children. It should not be that you decide an activity and take kids into it. Ask their suggestions or leave the entire scene under their control. You be an observer and playmate with them. Let kids learn basic skills of sharing, communication and succeeding through the activities. You can direct them when are wrong, but in a creative way.

Certain activities can nurture the creativity in children. Never make the do the same activity every day. If you take them for kite flying one day, suggest them indoor game on another. Get them involved in diverse games and activities. If you do the activity with other people or kids in the society, it is suggested to be in the same team with your kids. It will increase their spirit and confidence.

Common kids and parents activities

Kite flying, hangman, house of cards, make doll cloths, outdoor games, cycling, beading, Marco polo, treasure hunting, board games pattern play etc., are few examples of the activities in which kids and parents can take part together. Make sure that the activity should not be one that make one of the party just an observer. Activity together means an activity in which both kids and parents have active roles. Select an activity which suits both parents and kids and allows them to work out with the available tools, space and resources.

Family activities help spending time with the children and developing essential affection with them. Such activities will also create the mode and atmosphere of a united family. It is rightly said that playtimes are the best times to feel free to talk and nurture the affection between the parties. In the modern lifestyle, many parents do not find time to spend with kids.

And as a result both parents and kids go astray from each other, mentally. Family activities help maintaining proper relationships and necessary attachment with each other. If everyday activities are not possible, then get into such funny and beneficial activities whenever you find time. Most of the children love to see parents get silly and get along with them in activities of fun. They may feel great about parents who show interests to play with them.


 Parent and Child Activities and importance of such activities in children's development.