Baby gender prediction is one of the most ancient practices that have characterized human existence. In fact, it is obvious and instinctive on part of a pregnant lady to have prior knowledge as to the gender of her unborn baby. Gender prediction makes for the pre determination of gender of the fetus conceived by woman.

Chinese gender prediction

Down the ages through various stages of social development, a number of myths, hearsays, superstitions and folklores have revolved around the concept of baby gender prediction. However with adequate development of science and technology, certain lab oriented and medically tested rational techniques have gradually sprung up to outweigh those based on commonplace notions and hearsays. Despite being medically tested and rationally proved techniques, they share their own merits and demerits.

Scientific Methods of Baby Gender Predicition

There are various technology oriented methods guiding the phenomena of gender prediction. Know in detail about some of the most common methods to predetermine you baby's gender.

Scientific Baby Gender Prediction Tests

Old Wives Tales About Baby Gender and Gender Prediction

Know about the various wives tale for baby gender predetermination. Are you having a boy or girl? Find out using these old wives tales about baby gender. These gender prediction methods are not scientific and should be considered for fun and entertainment purpose only.

Old Wives Tales For Baby Gender

Chinese Baby Gender Predictor

The Chinese baby gender prediction is based on the Chinese Pregnancy calendar or the Chinese Birth Chart. By knowing the Chinese age of an expectant mother and the date of conception, it is possible to predict the sex of a baby using the Chinese gender chart,

Chinese Baby Gender Predictor